KIRA: A Star Wars Story Part 1

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    Hey, Geeks and Gamers


    Not sure if its okay to post this here, but this is my Star Wars fan comic called KIRA: A Star Wars Story Part 1




    In a time between The Old Republic and The Prequels, the Jedi Master Kazu Tyrbus defeats the Sith Lord Mroith Barator. Upon his death the Sith Lord ask the Jedi for one final wish, Please, take care of her…. Master Tyrbus discover the Sith Lord has had a baby girl. Taking in the orphan as his own, the Jedi Master name her Kira, and promise she will be a Jedi.

    Reluctantly, the Jedi Council grants Master Tyrbus’s desire for Kira to be train as Jedi, when she is old enough. The Council’s decision did not met well with many of other Jedi, feeling having a Sith offspring in the order, breaks Jedi code. Lead by the ex-Jedi  Zor’pur, he and other Jedi formed the Order of Purifier.

    As the Jedi and the Purifiers are in a civil war, Kira with the help of her father, Master Tyrbus and her friend, Yoda. She will prove she’s worthy of becoming a Jedi Knight…


    Read it here on


    Will be launching a Kickstarter campaign for Part 2. I’ll drop the link whenever we do that, we are hopefully on May the 4.


    The plot synopsis is very interesting.

    The idea the Jedi order only trained those force sensitive that “are not the offspring of a Sith” is new and is very intriguing.  And if because of this they eventually dropped the “everyone but…” so that force sensitives are to be trained on the light side of the force.




    Thank you! We have been getting a lot of positive feedback on the comic.


    I was influenced by the X-men, particularly the movie, Logan. I thought that The Last Jedi, would be about Old man Luke Skywalker and his daughter Rey being hunted down by Kylo and the Knights of Ren. At least that was some of the rumors and theories said before the movie came out. But yeah I just thought about the mutants in the X-men how they are still just humans with feelings and emotions who just wanted to be accepted. The Order of Purifiers is based on an anti-mutant group in the comics.




    I was a big fan of the X-Men, which was the comics I grew up on. Everything else was secondary. Off topic, but I found out the word “Mutie” comes from a Heinlein story published in 1941 called Orphans Of The Sky.

    Your story is cool because the one book that really got me fired up about Star Wars was Darth Bane and Darth Zannah. Having an Orphan raised as a Jedi works on multiple levels, as orphans always made the best 007 agents as well. My buddy’s wife in real life was a female orphan who was raised by nuns. She now works for one of the biggest global construction and engineering contractors and speaks 5 languages.


    I thought that The Last Jedi, would be about Old man Luke Skywalker and his daughter Rey being hunted down by Kylo and the Knights of Ren.

    So did I 😭

    Took a look at your Star Wars manga, great art 👍

    I was wondering one thing though, when I go in the site or app each chapter’s only one page, is it meant to be like that, or is that just a preview?


    Thank you!

    Yeah, the whole orphan thing you see a lot in stories. I think it’s part of the Hero’s Journey writing method. I think people relate better with a hero that’s an orphan, poor, or a slave. When you see these heroes that come from nothing then becomes a power Jedi or in the case of Harry Potter, a powerful wizard in the end. It can be quite inspiring for people.


    I remember there was a leak video of Luke Skywalker/Mark Hamill on the island of Ahch-To and there were like 5 or 7 people standing around him in dark robes/clothes and I think it was raining. I also remember there was a rumor that in The Last Jedi, Rey would fight Kylo on a cliffside and Luke would fight the Knights of Ren in the rain. But never could find that video again.


    I release each page once a week on Mondays. Since it was meant to be just a one-shot, releasing one page weekly would give us time to work on Part 2. Once we launch the Kickstarter for Part 2, you will be able to get the completed Part 1 signed copy both in digital and in print, as well as posters and t-shirts.

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