Krista Nova kinda looks like the Pink Ranger from the 2015 Power Rangers movie?

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    So I recently subbed to Krista Nova’s channel and watched a few of her videos and I began noticing something about her. Krista looked kinda familiar, then I had seen a picture of Naomi Scott who played Kimberly the Pink Ranger from the 2015 Power Rangers reboot movie the other day and I realized then why Krista Nova looked so familiar…..

    ……..Krista Nova looked a bit like Naomi Scott the Pink Ranger from the 2015 Power Rangers movie.

    If you guys don’t believe me, do a quick Google or Duck Duck Go search on Naomi Scott from the 2015 Power Rangers movie and then put her picture beside Krista Nova and you’ll see some resemblance between the 2 ladies.

    In my opinion they two look very very similar, and Krista Nova if she ever decided to cosplay as a Power Ranger (I don’t even know if she even likes the franchise or knows about it) , the 2015 reboot movie Pink Ranger would be a very good choice fir her to do in how she looks so much like Kimberly Hart in that movie and it would be as if the actress walked off the 2015 set into Comic Con.

    What do you guys think? Heck I wonder what Krista Nova would think?








    So for the Geeks And Gamers Power Rangers team we have:

    Jeremy = Red Ranger

    Anna That Star Wars Girl = Yellow Ranger

    Krista Novva = Pink Ranger

    PS: Power Rangers movie was 2017, i know ’cause i watched it for my birthday 😁


    2017, oh yeah I messed up on the date on that one lol 😂😀

    And I would be the Green Ranger for the team then….***cue my ranger theme song*******



    Sign me up to kick some bad guy butt!! I’ll be the Blue Ranger 😸



    There is a bit of a resemblance between the two, now I kinda want to see Krista go as the Pink Ranger for Halloween or cosplay 😀❤️

    Anyone else think the two sort of look similar?



    yay, I’m the pink power ranger!!!

    She’s gorgeous. I have seen the movie and I also know she plays Jasmine in the live action Aladdin.
    I would love to cosplay as the pink power ranger. I’m actually slowly starting to get into cosplaying.

    Thank you for this :D


    Krista is way better looking then the pink ranger.


    @Krista Novva

    You definitely would give those other professional cosplayers a run for their money beautiful 😀❤️❤️

    Krista I can totally see you replacing Leeanna Vamp one day as top cosplayer if you went professional cosplayer. Also I agree with Hokie95 you are way cuter than Naomi Scott 😀❤️

    I just wish Canada could have Comic Cons again, so that we can see you cosplay, hopefully I’ll get in shape by the time it is safe for Comic Con can open up in Canada again  and find myself a good Mighty Morphin Green Ranger suit to wear to the convention to stand next to my lovely teammate in pink 😀❤️


    So will @Krista_Novva be giving fellow Torontonian NyanNyanCosplay of TikToc (Hit or miss) fam?



    Wtf is Onision still active? I though the predator would be in jail already


    You all are so sweet, thank you <3 <3 <3


    @Krista Novva

    Well we’re all so sweet because yourself are so sweet and cute 😀❤️


    @Krista Novva


    Made this for you Krista sorry for the amateurish attempt but this the best I could do to try to get your likeness as close as possible and also have you dressed as the 2017 Power Rangers Movie Pink Ranger. I swear I kinda made you look a bit like Gal Gadot but overall it still looks like you and I hope my skills continue yo evolve until I get a really really good pic of you as the Pink Ranger.

    I hope you enjoy this pic I did of you as the Pink Ranger. 😀

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