Kyrie Irving’s Black (only) Pro League?

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      According to multiple news outlets, Brooklyn Net’s star Kyrie Irving floated the idea of a black (only) men’s professional basketball league while chatting in a group text with other Nets players. Very few specific details were released from the group chat however it is speculated that Irving wants a black player’s run league with black coaches and black owners only. Irving wants to completely segregate the NBA and/or poach Black and African American players for his new league. Keep in mind that the NBA consists of nearly 77% black players, 21% white players, and 2% Latino. The “Black Fives” and the National Basketball League integrated in 1949 to form the NBA. Irving is willing to dismantle 70+ years of progress and return professional basketball to the dark ages of early professional sports. Nobody needs a history lesson on what this country looked like 70 years ago.

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      Without proof, this is just talking, no facts, so it is what it is. Tbh it’s hard to believe it.


      But, if hypothetically it’s true, just imagine what would it be if some NHL player said the something similar, about a only white NHL league :D lool the world would end right there.

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      This was reported by NBC Sports, Bleacher Report, Insider and there is a petition on Change.Org. I fully believe it was discussed but I also believe it was just men gossiping among each other.

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      I can believe he would do this.  Kyrie is a racist as well as being mentally ill on top of that.  If he does that though, that league will be sued out of existence.  It violates so many labor laws in this country it is not even funny.

      Never mind the fact it is going backwards and might start a civil war.

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      Creating a racist league… no thanks.

      In today’s age, we are trying to eliminate racism, not create a western version of apartheid.

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