Last of US 2 SUCKS


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      The video game is pure leftist propaganda.


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      I’m pretty sure that’s why he was eager to get her input on the project.

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      Alright kids, here’s the deal. I’ve had a few pops today, and my decision making is not so good at the moment. Talk me out of it. Think Smee when he’s talking Hook out of self deleting. And. Go..557121CF-350A-46E6-A447-91DFA8CCFBA8

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        I had a conversation with my brother last night who is not a sjw but is “willing to give the game a chance” and this was what I referred to when I explained the legitimate outrage.

        The best proof that naughty dog is now worthless.

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      Crap game

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      My reaction to TLOU II


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      I made a shot blog about it

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      what bugs me about the game is how unfair Sony war with it in terms of censorship.

      When i was playing the new Devil May Car they showed Trishe’s butt cheeks and the censors howled. It HAD to be changed!

      In FF7 Tiffa has a short skirt and the censors cry bloody murder.

      In the Last of us 2 Abby gets to have topless bent over the desk sex with slapping and grunting sounds ( being a little sarcastic ) and its no problem.

      WHY!?!? I don’t get it!? Why does she get a pass?? I  think its because She is meant to be a man. you have to read between the lines. Sony is sending us a message. We just have to see it. What does it mean that This Buff ugly looking chick is the only ” female ” to get to be able to do this? what are they trying to tell us?

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