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    this guy released a video claiming he is the new Mike Zeroh



    How is Doomcock Mike Zero?


    Matt Jarbo is a tool that flags other youtubers, and is always trying to start shit with much better and bigger youtubers because it’s all he can do for attention these days.



    Fuck Jarvo with a can of Napalm. that sick of shit isnt worth the bullet.


    Jarbo is the most notorious tool on Youtube! He’s the guy that backstabbed Jeremy and everyone else that ever gave him the time of day. Watching Jarbo is like reading the National Enquirer and expecting to read a Pulitzer prize article! WIDE BERTH!!!!!!


    It’s bizarre to see someone, needlessly burn so many bridges.  Jarbo is like a weakling at the beach  that walks by the bodybuilder and kicks sand in his face unprovoked, then wonders why he got beat like a rented mule.


    Things that are drag: Matt Jarbo’s Youtube channel


    Well, considering how many of the “rumours” Mike Zeroh reported on Star Wars became true…

    Then I would have to say with all the “rumours” Doomcock has been reporting on, then it is a good sign.

    Bring on the VEIL!

    Down with KK’s crap-trilogy!



      Oh god, Mundane Matt…


      Doomcocks rumours turned out to be true since i know him!!He never failed…




      the difference is doomcock says “this is a rumor take it with a grain of salt” where as mike zeroh makes 2 billion videos claiming everything under the sun as fact mike zeroh is just clickbait doomcock isnt posting a 100 videos a day saying whatever he can to click bait you lolz

    Viewing 13 posts - 1 through 13 (of 13 total)
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