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    Well, Leafy got banned. Probably a bunch of Pokimane simps mass flagging his channel. Either way, this is ridiculous. He wasn’t even striked.

    So, here’s a list of terrible people YouTube hasn’t banned yet:

    Mini Ladd – a man who admitted to sending pictures of his pp to minors

    Logan Paul – a man who showed a dead body and laughed about it

    Jake Paul – Do I really need to explain?

    The ACE Family – features parents use their children for views, once gave a child a lollipop that looked like a pp, and are just a-holes

    Jeffree Star – a man who falsely accused James Charles of being a pedophile and tried to ruin his career and life

    JayStation – a man who lied about his girlfriend’s death

    But yeah, let’s ban Leafy because he disrespected our queen Pokimane!


    They never gave an explanation as to why they banned Stefan Molyneux who himself never received an explanation or even a warning or a strike. No one stood up for Alex Jones when he was the first to get booted, then they banned some of the more controversial figures like David Duke then Owen Benjamin and got away with that, so they figure that no matter how many conservatives they ban it will not affect their bottom line. Conservatives are not “advertiser friendly.” At least there is BitChute although BitChute seriously lacks non-political, purely entertaining content.


    I can’t say I didn’t see this coming, but it seems YouTube will ban anyone for the slightest or even no reason.


    This is the same thing that happened with Dr. Disrespect and Twitch. The way things are going, your favorite Youtuber could be deplatformed within the next decade.


    Pokimane is claiming that she had nothing to do with it. Who knows without confirmation. Either way, it’s rather scary that channels can be banned so easily, without any explanation. Didn’t he have a metric ton of subs? My channels are super tiny. What chance do us small fry have?


    Been trying to expand over to BitChute, but I’m having trouble getting anything uploaded. At all. Recently, the upload just craps out and disappears. They gotta get their act together. We need a viable alternative.


    It doesn’t bother me since Leafy has always been an annoying asshole, but I still don’t support cancel culture, nor protecting/favoring certain people like Pokimane or Alinity. Leafy should’ve just stayed retired.


    He had almost five million subs I think




    I would love to see Leafy come back and try to exist in the landscape today. Like, the content that he was making would NEVER fly on YouTube today and you have to adapt and overcome the fact that like…you can’t even curse, bro. Like, like, I don’t know.


    I think they’re expanding faster than they had predicted and they can’t afford to maintain their servers since no corporation wants to advertise there they are caught unprepared. That’s why I support them with $5/month, but it’s a long ways off. I think they would greatly benefit from having someone like PewDiePie or Dr. Disrespect on there to bring in the normies, as every channel is just full-on red pilled content and that way those guys will never get their messages across beyond just their circles.


    Welp…Leafy has been banned on Twitch too. This is insane

Viewing 11 posts - 1 through 11 (of 11 total)
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