Lebron: Why doesnt America love us … an answer.

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      Lebron, this is why.  I hope everyone views this video.  It is an answer to Lebron James and shows you what is truly going on in American society.



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      That is a blatant hate crime and they will not prosecute it as such.  Also, the brother should be in prison for filming it.  Sickening.

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      Because the actions of this one individual is an accurate representation of all African-Americans? This is only the “why” for people who enjoy tossing out blanket statements on one side of the matter, while claiming there is “no racism in America” to defend the other. For someone that gets their panties in a bunch over liberal agendas, you sure do like pushing those of the far right, but please…deflect further with the old “I was strategic planner, and racism is worse here and here” horseshit which means fuck all to the conversation at hand because yes, of course, there’s more racism in lesser developed parts of the world, but that doesn’t mean it doesn’t exist here and partly fueled by idiots passing off gross generalizations as truth.

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        I am really sorry you do not like reality and want to live in your dream world.  Your attacks seem very personal in nature.  If you are memorizing my comments, then you have issues.  At any rate, here are some facts for you.  There is no bias in facts.   The facts are very clear as to who exactly is creating the problems.  I am sorry you want to believe otherwise, but you are deluding yourself greatly.

        From the FBI data tables:

        Murders committed by whites in 2018: 4884 (70% of the population)
        Murders committed by blacks in 2018: 6318 (13% of the population)


        Total Violent Incidents : 4,145,300
        Interracial Violent Incidents : 607,725
        White on Black Incidents: 59,777 (9.84% of incidents)
        Black on White Incidents: 547,948 (90.16% of incidents)


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          We’ve been posting here for like a week, and you’ve given us your background on multiple occasions in that time in halfassed attempts to defend your thinly veiled racist rants. Kinda hard to forget. Also, if you post dumb shit, it leaves you open to criticism.

          I’m attacking the garbage you spew, not you on a personal level, and if by the rules of this forum you can post the things you do as it’s not “blatant racism”, my “attacks” fall under the same loophole Jeremy and Co. have questionably put in place to keep selling to the Geeks+Gamers fanbase…even the worst of it. The worst of it that gives the whole a bad name, kinda like how certain groups of any race, sexual orientation, religion, and political party keeps the neverending cycle of ignorance going by fueling the opposition’s fears and hatred.

          Also, those who can’t grasp the bigger picture at hand shouldn’t be tossing around numbers as factual representations unless they have an ongoing pursuit of making their own arguments look dumb.

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            Again, I am sorry you are jealous and don’t like reality.  That is easily seen in your comments.

            I posted the facts and anyone can go verify them.  Sorry, you do not like them and it is you who does not at all grasp the bigger picture at hand.  Not a single thing going on in America today is about race.  It is a Marxist coup and they are using useful idiots like yourself.  If you really think the Democrats, who founded the KKK and who push abortion that devastated the black community, actually cares about blacks, you need to get your head examined.

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              You can’t see the forest for the god damned trees. This goes beyond politics. It’s the very foundation of the problems with humanity and outside of some cataclysmic event, or a fucking alien invasion causing us to put all of this bullshit aside, it’ll be our downfall. Your data means nothing when it lacks so many factors of why the numbers point that way, and are sadly used all too often to paint all African-Americans in a certain light by those with clear cut prejudices…but go on, please tell us how you used to date a black girl again.

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                You are triggered.  I dont care.  Go away.  Get a life.

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                  Sorry bud, you bring up a topic for discussion, it’s also open to debate. Though at this point, it’s clear you’re incapable of that as you always fall back on deflection tactics without any grasp of context of the topic at hand and the same old “you’re blind”/ “you need to get your head checked” insults when someone comes at you with an actual argument. This isn’t the far-right echo chamber you may have hoped it would be. If it wasn’t me, eventually it would be someone else…get used to it.

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                    GO AWAY.   You are the type of person that will see racism until you die.  Everything you say that I am doing — you are doing.  I am not deflecting.  I give facts and you ignore them because facts do not support your narrative.   Then, you fall back on some far-right nonsense.

                    Let me make it easy for you.  Let me make this clear since you think I am deflecting.


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                      If you don’t care about my thoughts, don’t engage…simple as that, but don’t kid yourself, you’re clearly concerned with racism as nearly every topic you make is race-baiting horseshit where you’ll tuck your tail between your legs and avoid actual conversation if someone actually challenges your tinfoil hat theories and prejudice fueled rants, it’s been like that from our first encounter regarding Alien: Covenant with your complaints of inter-racial relationships, and feminist agendas that didn’t exist (if you had watched the entire film). Then there was the “There is No Racism in America” topic which was based entirely on your bullshit whataboutism argument of what’s going down in other countries where you seemingly made up a black girlfriend to walk back the complaints from the previous thread. Which leads us here (though I could list several more), where you cherry pick stats without any context at all trying to push a one bad apple equals a whole bushel narrative which isn’t presenting “facts”. You’re pushing just as much of an agenda as the people you whine about…but you already know that.

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      Honestly, I see Lebron’s question as a trap, a set up…for responses just like the OP.  Because to respond to the question as the OP did validates the implied premise that America doesn‘t love black people — which is blatantly wrong and disingenuous.

      Who is “America”?  The way Lebron posed the question suggests he doesn’t identify as belonging to “America”, but in fact, he does belong.  We are all “America”, together.

      Collectively I wouldn’t say all Americans love all American people.  People love the people they know.  However, one thing I know without a doubt: generally, Americans love our country.  Americans love America.

      Speaking for myself, the honest answer to Lebron’s question is:   Who says America doesn’t?  People with a divisive agenda, perhaps??

      Unfortunately, there are people on both sides of the spectrum who occupy themselves with tossing kindling on the fire of division and hate to ensure it never dies. I think maintaining an “us vs. them” perspective gives divisive people purpose.  Using one errant person to represent an entire race is simple-minded, at best.

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