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    We did it!

    We solved the Discord audio problem! Now you can hear my guests when they pop in during a game.


      I played this game nearly religiously for 4 years. Every single day nearly. I did every storyline, all 8 of them, and had all classes geared and awesome, not to mention alts and such. I think I have 20 characters or so. I was in one of the biggest guilds then, WOOK. I got to get in on stuff because WOOK had some connections, so that was fun. In 2015 I pretty much quit because I couldn’t do guild stuff with the job I got and it’s hours. I’ve wanted to come back, but I am so far behind and out of the loop I don’t really even know what to do in it now. They also changed a lot of things, and I am nearing not for the better.


      @DarthVengeant What server was WOOK on? My guild was on Ebon Hawk, and I don’t remember that name among the bigger guilds there.

      Eh, the changes (both the ones from a couple of years ago and recent) have not always been for the best, but I would not say they are game breaking. Do I think all the moving around of the skill trees was smart? No, because abilities that used to be lower on the trees and necessary to part of the best DPS rotations are now higher up, taking away early power to all the DPS classes.

      But is it game breaking? No, just inconvenient. Not being able to do point blank Force Leap on Sent/Mara anymore sucks, because back in the day a Sent/Mara was a lock down GOD of interrupts during raids, able to do two interrupts within 8 seconds because of that point blank Force Leap. If I miss anything, it’s that.

      I cannot speak to the last few batches of raids, because I’ve not been in a position to build a team to tackle them during my past few returns to the game, nor this current run. Considering I’m not going anywhere anytime soon, I’m hoping to change that in the future.

      Quality of life overall is quite good in the game, though. Compared to the early years, good god damned playing the general game is so easy, now. In the end, the game is still great and represents Real Star Wars to this day. It’s fun replaying all the stories again.


        WOOK was on Shadowlands. An example of some praise: https://www.swtor.com/community/showthread.php?t=670034

        People hated WOOK, people loved WOOK. They could dominate anything they did. I remember people would leave if WOOK was in any PVP match sometimes. Though I was not really into PVP, I learned to enjoy it sometimes as long as I was with them. lol. Great group of people to be in a guild with too.












          Sorry to interrupt the thread. But for those that don’t know.  Whether you are a Star Wars fan or not. This game has some of the best storylines of any online RPG EVER.  Because of these playthroughs I am considering playing again.








          oh wait?  Jedi Consular?  I’ll make a new topic for this story play thru.

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