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    Honestly I don’t know anything about Dune. However I really like how it has a medieval/sci-fi mix without laser pews pews like Star Wars. It makes it more mature overall and more original.


    Can’t wait to see it. The cast is top tier there and the director made the last Blade Runner which I really enjoyed too. He’s talented but his style is not for everyone, particularly those who just want to see things explode and girls in bikinis with sport cars.


    God Emperor is going to make a horrible movie that could ruin the series despite it being my favorite novel of Dune.


    Your first lesson is to learn how to swear properly in Japanese.  This is a matter of life and death for a ninja.  Rewatch the anime WITH subtitles… all of them… the ones with a lot of swearing.


    If they are smart, they basically gloss over it as a 10 minute explanation of Leto II’s rule, then go right into Heretics and all its craziness.


    what about the sex domination of the other sisterhood… we really gonna see that in film?


    Every story needs to be told as it happens in the books. The whole sexual stuff used by the bene gesserit and the honored matres is a giant plot point for <name redacted to avoid spoilers> and how he evolves between Chapter House and Sandworms as well as every other resurrected ghola.

    I mean, it doesn’t have to be straight up hardcore, but a hot scene should not be out of the question.


    this is about the “Honored Matres” which appear in later Dune novels:

    The most effective method used by the Honored Matres to infiltrate and overwhelm other groups was a form of “sexual enslavement.” During their evolution in uncharted space, the Honored Matres perfected sexual intercourse into a narcotic process.

    By using carefully crafted skills, an Honored Matre practitioner learned how to coerce an outsider – typically of the male gender – into total subservience. This action, performed often, and upon the right individuals, allowed them to conquer many other groups in uncharted space, and build a formidable military and resource base.

    (from Dune wiki)


    in the novel its like sex combat where the woman wins… if the rest of the world is ready to see that I will be surprised.


    <name redacted to avoid spoilers> totally counters all of that in Chapter House by being super alpha with his own version, so the woman wins thing is a mute point for people to get uppity about if they want to. Herbert wrote Chapter House in 1985, and he had already created a world in four prior books where a sect of women were massively powerful in the galaxy. The setting was already there, organically, so anyone who instantly tries to label anything in Dune as “powerful wamen being Mary Sues” is doing it just to be angry and find a reason to pick a fight.

    I hate everything SJW and “strong wamen”, but I’ll take on anyone who tries to say that Dune has any of that in it. Everything done by Herbert and then his kid and KJ Anderson was all organic and masterful. As long as the stories are adapted faithfully, there should be no reason to complain from anyone.


    I didn’t say that I wouldn’t want to see it but I’m just wondering if it would qualify as porn if done in film/video.


    I’m sorry for not discussing how the man does win, I actually forgot that part it’s been a while.  But ____ is the exception not the rule right?

    Is it possible to do sex combat without making it pornography?  This was the part of the issue that I meant to focus on.

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    not picking a fight at all, but I would like a good discussion.  I didn’t like the way they ended the saga with sandworms.  On the other hand, I have liked the sisterhood trilogy and the work they did in the expanded universe and with the Bulterian Jihad etc.


    I felt a little robbed with Sandworms ending the first time I read it because of my general like for Paul as a protagonist over all the others, but when I went back and did a re-read from post first half of the series, it made sense and I appreciated it more. Yeah, as a writer I would have made a couple changes here and there, but I respect how it was laid and worked out. There was a plan, and it was followed and executed very well. Honestly, Herbert’s stuff is metaphysically dense and needs digesting sometimes. It gets worse when a guy like David Lynch takes a shit all over it just to fuck with your head and your senses.

    It is especially fun if you line up parts of the Children of Dune mini series soundtrack at some points, especially during the final battle when Leto II returns to himself, listening to Summon the Worms and The Jihad bring it to life.

    I only ever stayed with the main story, so I have no opinion on the prequel books or extra stuff.


    I’m hoping House Ordos cameo…e025dccc019afcb57b36350f05de86f3

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