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    In this forum, we discuss why the like and dislike buttons are important in social media. Why have like and dislike buttons are they helpful or not so much? How can the like and dislike buttons be improved upon?  Let’s discuss it in this forum about the history of the like and dislike button and the implementations of it.


    I would like to discuss why the absence of Like and Dislike buttons is important in this Forum specifically. Having them would change the current relaxed and congenial atmosphere here.  I know, because I’ve participated in forums that had them.

    Do we really need this?



    Hello Wu BeeBee, thanks for the meme, lol. I just wanted to start a discussion about it because I saw the hello button and the edit button being discussed. Thank your reply.


    Chasing likes is what turned twatter into the shitstorm that it is.

    Lets not do that.


    Hello MrDragonbane, I appreciate your reply. I thought that the likes and dislikes on Twitter just involved retweets but the social media platform must have changed since I have not been on in a long while.


    Honestly just a “Like” button probably wouldn’t be so bad.  Twitter (and YouTube for that matter) isn’t nearly as hostile as the discussion boards I’ve participated in that had both.  Personally I’d rather not have the distraction of “how many likes” here, but if enough people want just a “Like” button, I don’t think adding one would ruin the forum.


    Hello again, Wu BeeBee. Thank you for your understanding and insights into social media and forums. I appreciate it. The choice of a “like” button is up to Jeremy, the web masters, and the team at Geeks and Gamers. I just wanted to present an idea to the general discussions forum as an option.


    Yeah, I actually like the fact that there are no like buttons. If there was a like button on that fact, I’d click like.


    They do make people lazy on top of everything. Quick and easy clicking like. No reason to communicate with people in full sentences. Caveman like click.


    Having worked on forums before, having a dislike button encourages brigaids.  Which also encourages tons of alt accounts, to further the dislike clicks.

    And we all know that pretty soon the SJWs will be in here, trying to attack us.  Jeremy does a pretty good job of stirring them up :D


    And yeah, even just on reddit, having a + that you can click on… it encourages people trying to post for popularity.


    One thing that I dunno about.  On Nexus where I used to work, we had a system where we could give a person “appreciation” points, called a “Kudos”.   But, I’ve seen people even get heirarchal with that too.  But I’ve even seen people get uppity with “Well…I have more post count than you do!”  or “I’ve been a member here since XXXX and you’re a NOOB!”   LOL so people are gonna use anything to get snobby, or think they’re betta than somebody else.


    Yea, at first I would’ve agreed about adding like/dislike, but seeing how the system is abused on reddit and stack exchange – it discourages independent thought and speaking out.


    in the early 00s I was on the WotC D&D forums a lot.

    They had a post counter on each account, It got to the point that just running your mouth was seen as a sign of wisdom not what was actually said. I dont know about anyone else but I want to know people are posting for actual reasons not to chase a number.


    Hello RebelSquadron, thank you for your reply and opinion on like buttons. I can see your perspective as to why like buttons make forums lazy and unproductive.


    Hello DarkeWolf, thank you for your reply and your opinion on like and dislike buttons. I have never thought of brigaids taking advantage of the dislike button or creating bot accounts for that particular purpose. Not only that I also appreciate your experience on forums and how you use an alternative solution to the like and dislike button problems. Finally, the thing that I find most interesting about your post is the fact that the like and dislike buttons can be used in a hierarchical manner. This surprises me because I hardly interacted with people who thought that they were popular based upon their like-to-dislike ratio or their comment section.


    Hello Stargate404, thank you for the reply. Your opinion is similar to mine but I did not do research on system abuse on reddit and/or stack exchange before creating this forum topic. I thought that like/dislike buttons were a natural thing on social media and forums. However, thanks to this forum, I have been persuaded that this is not always the case. I appreciate and respect your opinion. Hope to hear from you in the future.


    I think there’s a use for like/dislike buttons on social media and forums, but yeah people do have a tendency to abuse it. The whole idea behind a like/dislike system was supposed to be a way for feedback, but since we’re such a deeply connected society via social media, it’s almost turned into a way to validate ones worth by seeing how many likes they can rack up. That’s not healthy.

    As far as whether we’ll implement it here? We’ve talked about adding something like that, but it’s not set in stone or a top priority. We’ll be listening to you all on that :)

Viewing 15 posts - 1 through 15 (of 58 total)
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