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    Some of you have already noticed, but I’ve added like / dislike buttons across the forums, on articles, and comments across the site.

    Just thought I’d throw the dislike button in there to cause havoc.  :P










    Double Meh.

    Was hoping to get away from that whole “you tube” system of drama.

    You guys do you however.  This is your site.  Run it as you see fit.


    Hello Frank, thanks and nice job with the new feature!

    Personally I’m not a huge fan of the dislike feature as it’s mainly used to downvote to oblivion someone with a different opinion than the mob. Like in Reddit, where people don’t exchange and discuss but just come, downvote and byeeeeeee.

    Here is an old thread made about like/dislike feature if you’re interested :

    Like and Dislike Buttons


    With all the issues we have been facing on the site like these noticed going down 3/10 every post I make, you guys are concerned about adding like/dislike buttons.


    IMO this will drive down engagement, as we already have a reply button to express our like/dislike. This will drive some members off the site, as it reduces thoughts and opinions down to a click of like/dislike.  Meh.


    I was hoping the site would fix stuff like this, which I have already reported many times. Instead of working on a system that reminds me of You Tube.  A place I am actively trying to get away from.


    Yep, I totally agree.

    (See this is how I thought it would work, over just simply clicking a button)  I am more engaged with my community by adding a reply of my like/dislike to something.)

    Sometimes I would say +1 or thumbs up.  I think that notion was taken literal by site management.

    It will be abused by the wrong people and create tribe and group think.   Or it could all work out great and One person will post and instead of people replying to said post they can just like/dislike it and not even bother with having that conversation.


    Don’t use the feature if you don’t like it.

    Based on the stats thus far though, people seem to like it.  Not many have disliked someone else’s post.

    We work on issues and new features daily.

    I’ll PM you on the wordfence issue.


    What? lol!  It’s a smiling poop, it’s funny.  You’d have to know me and my personality, most everything is humorous to me.


    Thanks for the quick reply Frank.  If people over all like it, I am not opposed to that.  I am just offering you some feed back from my point of view.  I feel the internet could use more open talks and promote getting the conversation going.  When you offer people an easy route, they will take the easy route over having a logical discussion.

    We have a good community here.  People are not going to abuse the down vote overall.  My point is I know human nature and I know all the people who hate Jeremy and everything we stand for.  It only takes one group of people to ruin something for everyone.

    So I will leave it at that.  As not complaining or trying to bitch and moan over something I won’t personally use all the time. If I like something or down vote something I will always reply and offer the reason to why I like or dislike.  But that is just me.

    The community we have here are respectful and will most likely put the system to good use.  I am just protective over things I care about.  So my opinions come from a place of being over protective of a site that feels like one of my last stands.





    I can see the Anti G&G crowd finding the site making a fuckton of sock puppets and spamming everything with downvotes.

    Cause thats the way NPCs operate.


    I should have boiled everything I had said and just termed it like Dragon just did. That is at the base of my opinion here.  Everyone else is fine and I am happy if the system works out in favor of the overall moral of the forums.  Indeed NPC will infect and take a good thing and ruin it.

    Just as evil does.   You can take a hammer and build a house.  OR

    You can take that hammer and destroy and smash in people’s skulls.     The user decides how these tools are utilized.


    Also it is important to note I am thankful for all the work the Mods and Admin does here.  They do this on the side with fulltime jobs.  That should be recognized and praised. (Without me sounding like I am brown nosing. lol)

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