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      Anyone up for some mischief?


      I reeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeally want to watch it but I’m worried about it going the same way as ‘Falcon and Winter Soldier’ which had been another one that I had wanted to watch…until they forced in-your-face politics in it😑. I didn’t see anything woke in the trailers so I’m hoping that it’ll be alright. I’m still wanting to watch ‘WandaVision’ though.


        @DragonLady, WandaVision was way better then Falcon + Winter Soldier



        I remember reading that they cut out Dr Strange just because he was a man😑. This is why stuff like that makes me hesitant about anything Marvel related in the next few years. Plus After ‘Agents of S.H.E.I.L.D.’ nearly ten years ago I was hesitant in anything Marvel TV related. Which is why I’ve yet to watch ‘Agent Carter’ which is still on my “to watch” list.

        Like I’ve said, I really want to watch ‘Loki’ but I’m worried about the direction that it might go. Luckily a friend of mine has Disney+ so I might be asking her for weekly updates on it😂



          Just remember most of the time the marketing is way woker than the actual product

          Honestly i don’t belive Doctor Strange was cut for being a white man, they had a white man as the co-lead for the entire season, even though he’s playing an android

          It’s more likely that there were complications due to covid, maybe Cumberbatch couldn’t make it to set with all the ridiculous lockdowns, or maybe Marvel just changed their mind ’cause the scene they had planned for the finale of WandaVision might work better as the opening for Doctor Strange 2

          I watche season 1 of Agent Carter, it’s quite funny and i love seeing all the 1940s gadgets


            Nope. Not interested in anything Marvel anymore. They will shove identity politics or SJW nonsense in there somewhere and I want nothing to do with it. WandaVision and even more so Falcon and WS was utter trash. Iv’e already read there was a rumor of a female Loki in the show.


            I bet the first 2-3 episodes will be good/decent and then, after that, the woke shitfest starts. just like the other shows. bait and switch. already a classic disney strategy.

            but i hope it’s not bad, so you guys/fans can enjoy it.


              Why… WHY??? 😂😂😂😂😂

              I’m just laughing my ass off ’cause this pandering completely backfired


                oops, double post :P

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                To be fair, the guy is a shape shifter lol…and he did change into Lady Sif in the comics for a while.

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                I was curious until they mentioned the term “gender fluid” and now, I am out. The Joker and Loki both do come off kind of fem and that is probably the point of the mischief is to sabotage the psychology of the masses, but I’d prefer to see it flipped and see people cause mischief against woke corporations to trip them up.



                That Star Wars Girl


                  Ya HARD PASS by me.

                  Loved Loki at one point, but this is just another wokeness… I tell people you make Woke happen in some places it isnt. But this is and you dont even need to look for it.


                  Honestly i don’t belive Doctor Strange was cut for being a white man, they had a white man as the co-lead for the entire season, even though he’s playing an android

                  He in fact was written out for that very reason

                  ‘” Feige said. “But it would have taken away from Wanda, which is what we didn’t want to do. We didn’t want the end of the show to be commoditized to go to the next movie — here’s the white guy, ‘Let me show you how power works.'”

                  So there you have direct from the Horses-ASS.

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                    @DragonLady, yeah, i know very well about the shapeshifting, and although it is possible the “fluid” is reffering to that, it still doesn’t make sense, Loki can shapeshift into anything he wants, but he’s still biologicaly male

                    Lets use another famous shapeshifter who’s a bit of a nymphomaniac as an example (and sorry if i’m gonna get a little crude): Mystique, she can shapeshift into a man, she can fuck like a man, but she can’t squirt the man juices, ’cause biologicaly she’s a woman, and i’m not being transphobic here, the SJWs on twitter complained themselves that sex and gender are 2 different things, so i’m gonna assume from their complaints that sex is reffering to biology, chromosomes, and gender is what they reffere to as identity

                    , Feige can say whatever he wants, and since you mentioned it coming out of the Horses-ASS, i’ll take it as just that, horse shit, if there maybe is a small amount of truth in his pandering comments, it’s that they wanted Wanda to win the battle on her own two feet, and rightfully so since it’s her show, that’s not to say she never needed help from anyone or can’t help others with their own battles, but let’s say the roles were reveresed, if it was Dr Strange’s show, and Wanda showed up at the end to save his butt overpowering him and taking all the spotlight, would that make for a good finale? No, the only way something like that would work, whichever way round, is if them helping one another was built up in previous episodes (or in movie format earlier in the movie), not by just showing up in the last 10 minutes of the show


                      Loki ep. 1:

                      First episode’s a little slow paced and nonsensical, which i guess it makes sense that it doesn’t make sense, since it’s from Loki’s point of view, and he’s not understanding shit ’cause everyone at the TVA’s fucking with his mind!

                      So, here’s some things i picked up in this confusing first episode and can put into words thanks to That Star Wars Girl’s review, ’cause seriously, even i had a hard time seeing what the fuck was going on, and i have real life experience making sense of the nonsensical:

                      1) The TVA isn’t as powerfull as they make it seem – As Anna points out, if they’re so powerfull, if they can see thru all times, them why didn’t they know *spoiler* was gonna happen to them? Why didn’t a TVA employee know what a *spoiler* was?? Also something so powerfull would take away free will and invalidate everything we’ve seen till now in the MCU, reason why i think, also based on all the inconsistencies, their god-like power is a load of bilgesnipe shit, also pretty sure the TVA does not consist of good people, which brings me to the next point

                      2) Owen Wilson’s character spends the whole episode gaslighting Loki – Initially i was unsure if Owen’s character was good or bad, in the episode he comes off as almost wanting to help Loki, playing therapist, getting Loki to dig deep in his emotions, but he does so in such a confusing manner, hmm, what else can you accomplish by getting someone to open up to you? Maybe get that someone to spill out all their secrets? I mean think about it, what other way could you get Loki god of mischief to react the way he did at the end of the episode if not by completely mind fucking him?

                      bonus) The token wahman of color – I don’t get it, how’s that doing black women any favors?? That character’s a total bitch

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