London mayor proposes car, dairy and meat ban

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      I have found that when the globalists speak you should listen as they have a peculiar habit of telling you their plans which they then carry out a few years later like some movie villain.

      I am sure you read that title thinking that you won’t comply and you won’t stop eating meat or driving your car.  Well, they know if they asked most people would not comply. They know if they tried to force us we would fight back.  Their strategy is to motivate you economically into their compliance.   So certain things will just get so expensive you will naturally quit buying them.  It’s already been going on. Bought a steak lately?  I haven’t because the price is insane.

      “A climate change initiative, spearheaded by London Mayor Sadiq Khan, is recommending against buying more than three items of clothing a year, privately owning a car and flying more than once every three years.”


      And the twat wonders why he’s not very well liked by a lot of people🤣🙄.


      I propose a ban on Sadiq Khan, climate change alarmists and global elitists.


        I find it peculiar how everyone hates him but he keeps getting elected.

        He is a WEF puppet obviously and he will institute everything he is claiming.

        It will end up like that AOC clip from last week where people are yelling at her about the illegal immigrant issues and she proposes to solve a problem she helped create by giving people more of it.  And then she will get reelected.

      Viewing 4 posts - 1 through 4 (of 4 total)
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