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    So after years of being able to avoid it I finally need to set up a Facebook account (for the messaging system).

    The problem is that Facebook seems to be insisting that I already have an account and won’t let me set one up. The automated help is useless (sending me round in circles to the same list of useless points) so I was wondering if anyone here might know what I need to do.

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    Are they saying that someone is already using your username?  Or that someone has used the email you provided as already being used?

    And if by the off change you had long ago created an account and forgot to use it/forgot the password, most systems allows for a PW reset which then send it to your email on file.


    I know that I have never created a Facebook account. I try setting up an account and get a six digit code but after that I start getting e-mails saying someone is trying to access my account sent to my e-mail. On their site Facebook is demanding photo ID to prove that it is me trying to access my account (that doesn’t exist yet) when they can’t know what I look like.


    Okay just to update this Facebook have declared that my government issued photo ID is no good but won’t give me a definitive reason why. I’ve decided that this isn’t worth the fuss and I’m not going to bother after all.


    Gov ID?

    That must have been something recent.

    Or is that just for American citizens?


    Facebook’s verification process can sometimes be stringent, especially if it detects any potential duplicate accounts or suspicious activity. Sometimes, cached data can cause issues during the registration process. Clearing your browser cache and cookies can help eliminate any conflicts. If you’re receiving emails about someone trying to access your non-existent account, it’s possible that someone else may have used your email address to create an account. Try using a different email address that you have access to, and make sure it hasn’t been associated with a Facebook account previously. I had a similar problem and needed to create an account for my online business. By the way, I used the social media template to create the page. But luckily everything was solved. I can’t even say that it helped, but by some miracle it worked.

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