The Lord of the Rings: The Rings of Power

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    No one ring should have all that power.

    Teaser trailer:


    I find it laughable that someone is going to attempt to add to or improve on Tolkien.  Even if it wasn’t woke trash that is a goal almost no one could accomplish so it would be doomed to fail under any circumstances.

    If it were done with absolute sincerity and set out to respect the source material with a cast of very talented people if might be ok if it could stand alone.  But it is impossible not to compare it to the original stuff.



    Looks good visually I’ll give them that but no; I’ll NOT be watching this trash. I don’t have Amazon Prime anyway so that’s my excuse lol!


    The memes and jokes from fans and GeeksandGamers, Nerdrotic and others is going to make this special. I might check it out later as much as I checked out Wheel Of Time, so just peek at the awfulness of it and move on. I watch such little entertainment, that if anything hooks me, it could be for any reason. For example, I watched all of Reacher. This Rings of Power though makes me wish I could read every joke comment on every video. This is where comedy lives now, in mocking the network media and their woke failures, as well as mocking Big Tech. I’m super grateful for you anons out there in the comments. You make my day.

    I did like the trailer. The cut shots and the fantasy vibe was there. All it takes though, is for some jerk in the comments to snark about “the creole elf” and I start to face-palm and chuckle. Fandom menace shadows are crossing over it’s grave already. Can’t wait.


    The thing about the trailer though is it was almost all visual.  It showed off their CGI and not much else.  That’s generally a very red flag that a crap story will follow.


    That’s generally a very red flag that a crap story will follow.

    Story?  Plot?

    If not for that Vanity Fair article, this trailer showed NOTHING to let us know what this series is all about.

    All flash and no substance.




    Get that diversity in there


    The only actual diversity is diversity of opinion.  The way to fairness is equal opportunity. Anything else is just racism regardless of who is doing it.


    I’m not an expert in medieval technology, but it’s physically impossible to climb an ice cliff in plate gauntlets, right?


    the ice cliff scene looks so bad, like some 80’s sci fi shows, she has no effort, it’s like she’s standing lol this is going to be a disaster.  damn tumblr users are hired for everything these days.



    Glad I wasn’t the only one thinking that when I saw that scene. It looked laughable.


    The trailer alone was horrible looking. But more telling than not was the fact it did not tell us anything, this says they are lost already.

    Ive actually read all the books and trying to base it off the “Silmarillion” is completely stupid on their part. You think “Little-finger” running around westeros in his jetpack was bad, this will be horrible.

    This could have been pure GOLD, Start from the dawn of the second age and and tell the story of the beginning “ca1”. Time jumps would have made more since as you are telling mostly stories of very long lived characters. End it at say 1000ca do a 20 episode season and it would be easy, and if live shot in NZ with minimal cgi it can be done cheaply.  Take season 2 up to the first appearance of the 2250 if i remember correctly, if the first season was a success take season 2 up to 25 episodes. Season 3 would be another 25 episodes but taking things up to a few years before Isildur was born. Season 4 and beyond <depending on success> could be through Isildur’s reign and up to the Battle of Dagorlad.  Finish it with the true Battle for the 1 ring.

    Problem is Hollywood “Amazon included” has lost all creative writers and people who understand CANNON. Cannon matters, and source material and where and what is was derived/based on should never be compromised. To do so for “ticking boxes or agenda” well you might as well write your own story and give it a different name, BECAUSE it is NOT what is truth, its Using a Popular title as a sales tool  to scam people…. Luckily in this case for certain The People see it already and clearly called it out “Evil cannot create anything new, they can only corrupt and ruin what good forces have invented or made.t.”-J.R.R. Tolkein


    Didn’t even bother to watch the trailer, knew it would just annoy me. Really, I haven’t ever bothered with any adaptation of Tolkien’s work other than the Jackson and Bakshi films – I felt like a lot of them wouldn’t understand the heart of the source material.

    Everything I’ve heard about it makes it pretty clear what they’re trying to do. It’s not even “missing the point” of Tolkien; they know it is, but modern society is not only cynical towards Catholic values but outright hostile – So it needs to be diluted and made exactly like every drab mainstream fantasy series out there.


    Isn’t it funny how this comes about as soon as Christopher Tolkien dies? He was the most ferocious gatekeeper of his father’s work – Of course they would swarm like horseflies as soon he died, like they were just waiting for it to happen. Wretched creatures, really.


    I guess one good thing that would come out of this is bringing back #Orcposting memes:





    Top kek.



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