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    Random topic. But who here watches Lucha Libre AAA on Youtube or on Pluto TV? I know I haven’t been watching American pro wrestling or any other pro wrestling companies. AEW I haven’t in a while. Lucha Libre AAA has been the only company that has been a draw to me. I’ve been reading about the ratings all over the world. Last I read, Lucha Libre AAA had 8.2 million viewerships combined. Now I know there is CMLL. But CMLL is ranging on 200,000 viewerships, that’s almost near NJPW’s viewership in America.

    But who else watches Mas Lucha on Youtube? They have great content live and they even air different pro wrestling feds that have street fight matches. Especially the one that appears to be the most favorite is IWRG. Mas Lucha also has talk shows, podcasts, live matches, anything that’s live. So who here watches Lucha Libre AAA, and other pro wrestling shows on Mas Lucha?


    Is there any Rey Misterio over there?

    ;) :P


    Well before the pandemic I used to watch CMLL consistently via a youtube channel from Mexico that would stream it live, but then his channel got heavy copyright strikes from CMLL and his channel got taken down. And then CMLL had to close down due to the pandemic and I simply haven’t watched since. AAA  I would watch the ppvs occasionally, in fact Triplemania 27 is what got my interest back for pro wrestling after 5 years of not watching it. But then I heard there was some sort of dispute between AAA US and AAA MX and suddenly I could no longer see AAA’s youtube channel so now I don’t know where to watch them. I do occasionally watch it on pluto tv though. I have heard of IWRG and Mas Lucha but I haven’t gotten around to watch them, I might give them a try soon.


    Yeah. I did hear about the lawsuit on AAA US and AAA MX. Basically, the US removed the youtube channel, twitch channel, facebook channel. I was luckily able to see Lucha Libre AAA live every Saturday on a Spanish channel that they aired on Twitch. But now I don’t see it anymore. This is what the lawsuit explains.



    Mas Lucha is live at night on youtube. Talk shows in spanish to even live wrestling. I saw when they held a tribute for Kristal Pasion, who died by drowning. His body is still lost at bay somewhere in Acapulco.


    CMLL is shown on sunday afternoon on youtube live. But it’s the usual two out of three falls.

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