Madden 21 sales tank after BLM support

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    Madden 21 supported BLM and now sales are tanking.  They blame it on “glitches” which is pure nonsense.




    In my humble opinion real life politics/messaging have no place in games.


    It has no place in games, sports, entertainment, hobbies, etc.



    I think a lot of parents aren’t buying the game for their kids due to the BLM stuff.  I agree.  Every gamer knows that “glitches” happen.  I think that is just an excuse they are using.


    Good. It’s about damn time support for Madden tanked. The game has been garbage for nearly 10 years now. The last good Madden game to actually give a damn about franchise mode was Madden 12. NINE years ago in 20 freaking 11. Ever since Ultimate Team got created, that’s all they’ve focused on. I’m amazed they haven’t cut franchise mode entirely for MUT. Granted, I think the bugs and glitches have only become prominent in the Ps4/Xbox One era. The Xbox 360 versions didn’t seem that bad to me.

    I recommend everyone check out Softdrinktv’s The Fall of EA Sports

    He goes into pretty good detail of how far EA has fallen and what used to be in Madden and what no longer is. There’s a gigantic list of things that has been cut from Madden over the years. I stopped supporting Madden with Madden 20. I got 20 on PC to use the college football mod, but the game just isn’t good. I’ll just play Madden 12, NFL 2K5, and NCAA Football 14 instead.


    Get Woke, Go Broke



    I forgot.

    Was this the game that gave a QB who has not been playing football for many many years the BEST QB rating in the game?

    No wonder people are not buying it, if the system that ranks a players skill is so broken.

    “glitches” , yay as in in the logic/illogic of the game.


Viewing 7 posts - 1 through 7 (of 7 total)
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