Mafia Trilogy (Remastered/Remake Games)

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    Any fans?

    I was a little disappointed with Mafia 3. The action was very good, the cut scenes very well made. But the gameplay was super repetitive and the politics inside the game, even if predictable, were a little bit too much. But I still enjoyed playing.

    Mafia 2 (Slightly Remastered) has a great story, the action is great, but the graphics are a little outdated. But still an amazing game.

    Now I’m waiting for the real Remake of the Mafia 1 (Sept. 25th), I hope it doesn’t disappoint.


    I felt the same way. 3 was repetitive and there was no mission variety. It also felt like it was feeding off of some deep seeded hatred for the South. I get the games where NAZIs are the bad guys because it was us vs. them, but the enemy shouldn’t be portrayed as being internal even if things like that happened in the past. I can’t imagine there would have been a burning cross and men in white sheets every couple of blocks as recently as in the 60s. It doesn’t help a society heal IMO. Also the choice of music in the game could have been much better. As someone who enjoys the music from that time period I was disappointed with the lack of good songs.

    The first Mafia had the best mission variety and the story is a tie between the first and the second Mafia for me. I really don’t have much to say about the first two games because I think they’re fantastic. The only downside is the lack of fun minigames and non-story missions. Mafia II had some really nice music from that time period.


    I fear it will be Mafia Woke edition.  Paulie is already presented as a whiny looser in the trailers.  And they might want to “humble” tommy as well. Plus there are narrative changes. (ie.: everything good tommy does will be sarah’s idea)

Viewing 3 posts - 1 through 3 (of 3 total)
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