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    Hi there everyone, I have loads of ideas for making comic books, such as an horror one.  I am also going to be making loads of superhero comics. I have plenty of ideas and unique abilities for these superheroes.  I also have an idea for a supervillian comic series. I wanna use some designs that look woke but it ain’t.  It will have a good story and I hope it gets loads of readers. It’s like making these characters look woke and s*xy at the same time. It’s gonna be amazing.

    I am gonna work with it but first let me work on my first ever comic idea, which is the horror one. Since I have so many ideas for comic book series. I will work on each on week by week. Once I’m done with the first issue of a certain comic I will jump onto making another comic. Keep doing this with a good cycle so I don’t get bored of my own ideas. It will be so good. Don’t worry I will keep on updating with my comics and games on this site.

    Uwu. Thanks for reading.


    Good luck to you! I have already started my own comic series. It’s a fantasy comic called Yuvoxin(The name of the world). It’s good to hear other writers making comics great again!

Viewing 2 posts - 1 through 2 (of 2 total)
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