Male(s) in the Female Bathroom assault female(s)

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    Woman goes to restroom in Mississippi mall, man waiting inside beats and rapes her

    A woman is recovering in a hospital and an alleged assailant is under arrest after she was brutally beaten, raped and then robbed in a mall bathroom stall.

    How bad?

    The woman is hospitalized in New Orleans with a fractured skull and other serious injuries, WLOX reported.

    Well, I fell very sorry for the woman.

    What I am waiting for is this sicko to claim it is a “masculine presenting transgender lesbian” and for the prosecutors to release the sicko without question/conditions, fines or convictions.


    This on the same day it was reported:

    …police charged a man with voyeurism after he allegedly went into a women’s washroom in the … shopping centre on Monday.

    A woman noticed that another stall was occupied as she entered a free one, police said in a news release on Tuesday. Officers did not mention the time of the incident.

    Police said a man “crawled under the stall partitions and grabbed the woman by her feet.” She was able to run away and contact police.

    So what was this sicko charged with?

    …charged him with one count each of voyeurism, assault and mischief.

    And if the woman did not get away?  Potential assault, rape, and potentially a homicide!

    Correct that… a femicide.

    But there is NOT problems with men going into female ONLY spaces.

    No safety issues at all!

    News articles, assaults, facts, etc. matter not to the closed-minded toxic extreme alt-left.




    Transgender lesbian or not, rape is rape and the guy should be convicted of the charges and thrown in prison.



    Well said.

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