Man must pay $5k a month so his ex-wife can transgender his son!

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    This is so freaking SICK.   A court just ruled that a Jeffrey Younger must pay his ex-wife $5,000 a month so that bitch can transgender his son into a girl.

    Fucking sick.  And we wonder why some fathers kidnap their kids and run.


    She wants to get back at him by not only divorce/rape him, but also destroy his son in the process.  Making sure his offspring can NEVER reproduce ever again.

    Truly sickening.


    Fucking disgusting, this is child abuse.


    The media hates white males, so any way to hurt a white male, be it an adult or a child, it does not matter.

    It is a white male they are destroying.



    They are playing with people’s lives. I’m actually losing faith in capitalism because people who have more money than the whole Catholic church come up with these sick fantasies that we see manifest in real life. This doesn’t happen in communist China, although a lot of other bad things happen there. Pick your poison.


    It has nothing to do with capitalism.  In fact, the people that are behind this nonsense are the communists.  Communists are using liberals in America like whores and here is what will happen.  If communism ever comes to America, communists will literally round up the liberals and kill them.  Lenin literally did this after assuming power.

    Liberals are the stupidest people in this nation by far and are being pimped out for their own demise.


    The thing is in communism there at least seems to be a level of consistency – if you’re a supporter of the government you get to live and if you’re not a supporter of the government you don’t get to live. It’s pretty simple. While in the west you could be a liberal or a conservative or an anarchist or a Republican or a Democrat or tall or short or rich or poor – whatever you are no matter what you do, whether you did something or you didn’t do anything you could be told that your child needs a sex change for which you must pay through the nose. I’m just saying that things like this don’t happen in communist countries and I wonder why that is that only the capitalist West seems obsessed with this sickness. Maybe it’s because it’s a rising industry and we are nothing but consumer units being farmed to be taken advantage of. I’d rather a sane, evil, soulless government controlling me and letting me have a basic life as long as I don’t complain than live in an environment that is totally unpredictable and insane being controlled by evil, soulless financial interests whose priorities are constantly changing. I hate the idea of either but it is exactly like having to pick your poison.


    This is what radical feminism has created.


    This is absolutely disgusting. And I’m going to say it. This is what feminism and equality gets you. I will not create children, especially a son, just so some woman can do this to my kid and to myself.


    This is about feminism and equality, not capitalism. China straight up murders their kids in the womb if they’re not the right sex. Or if they have too many.

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