Manfred: MLB expansion fee could be in $2.2 billion range

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    Manfred: MLB expansion fee could be in $2.2 billion range

    NEW YORK — Major League Baseball would consider expansion fees in the range of $2.2 billion for new franchises, though there are no current plans to add teams.

    Baseball Commissioner Rob Manfred spoke Tuesday during SporticoLive’s online discussion of its estimates to baseball franchise valuations. The company estimated the average MLB franchise value is $2.2 billion, led the New York Yankees at $6.75 billion.

    So the est average value of all MLB franchises is what an expansion fee is?

    Colorado and Miami paid $95 million each to join in 1993, and Arizona and Tampa Bay paid $130 million to join in 1998.

    That is quite a jump!

    Manfred has mentioned as possible expansion candidates: Charlotte, North Carolina; Las Vegas; Montreal; Nashville, Tennessee; Portland, Oregon; and Vancouver, British Columbia.


    So if/when an expansion does happen, it makes sense to do it as a even number.

    Currently there are 30 teams, so expanding to 32 makes sense.

    So which two (one in each conference) do you want?

    (and if not on of those listed above, what city would you suggest?)


    As much as it would be nice to have TWO Canadian-based teams, with talks of Rays playing half their games there, I can’t see Montreal getting one of their own.

    Vancouver, I don’t see them as an MLB town  (and those that are travel down to Seattle for their fix).

    With the unrest in Portland, they are too unstable to be considered, IMO.

    I can see either Charlotte or Nashville getting one for sure, but NOT both (too close to each other – having to split regional fans/TV rights, etc).

    That leaves Vegas, who has been on a pro-sports expansions.  I just don’t know if it can afford so many new stadiums in such a short period of time.

    Other’s thoughts?


    Add in 2 new teams and you need to add in games for those teams. That would be a nightmare.

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