Manga Outselling Amercian Comics

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      How do you guys feel about Manga outselling Amercian Comics?

      To anyone who has a YouTube, have you ever think about making a video about Manga outselling Amercian Comics? The Reason why I said this because I want to know your thoughts about this. Also this needs to be said.

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      Something tells me Eastern Entertainment is becoming to more Superior than Western Entertainment.

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      I feel good about it.  These comic book companies are killing themselves.  I use to be a huge fan of comics back in the golden era of comic books.   It was about 2012 that I started to notice a huge shift in these companies.  Suddenly the consumer became the enemy, and I was being blocked and called all sorts of horrible names that had nothing to do with the truth of my life.

      I still support people like EVS and Cyberfrog.  The list goes on and on but that is the top name of the people who still care about their customers and the industry.

      It can all burn to the ground for all I care at this point.  They get what they fucking deserve!


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      Not surprising, manga are still a quality product by passionate people and the majority of consumers wants quality over politics.

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      Imo it’s not only about politics, but western comics are a huge dumpsterfire when it comes to longevity. Manga is so much easier to jump into. If you wanna read a story, you buy the whole story and read from the beginning to the end.

      I’ve always hated the western style of having different artists and writers and the plotlines are all over the place, and to get a good story you have to buy the specific storyline of the comic which has been running for 50 years or so. It’s just a huge mess, where people who die always come back because they are needed in another writer’s storyline.

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        This was always a problem I had with western comics, even if there were a number of graphic novels I bought and liked. It was one thing if the original writer wanted to move on and a new one stepped in to take over, but this tradition just kept going for decades, with mixed results. Sure, a whole mythos has been built with plenty to draw from for a number of adaptations, and there are plenty of good story arcs and one-shots, but it isn’t very good when creating a single, coherent narrative. You just get tons of retcons which render previous events meaningless and you’re wondering what exactly is the point of this hero’s journey when there’s no real end in sight.

        There’s plenty of manga series which are far from perfect but most of them generally have a “beginning-middle-end” in mind.

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