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    So I don’t know if anyone saw on twitter, or watch news videos from Hero Hei or Yellow Flsh2 on Youtube. But obviously, this could decide with what happens to manga in the future.

    The way I read it, it sounds like Kadokawa President wants to censor manga so it can go to a wider audience in the west. 45% of Japanese are against it.

    If Japan doesn’t make changes to their manga to please the western audience, then the manga will not be on sale to the western audience. That is what I am mostly reading through this website, through twitter, and of course, the youtube videos for now under Hero Hei and Yellow Flash2.

    Manga needs your help, and it needs it now. #NoNewStandards from KotakuInAction


      Fuck censorship


        Give it a rating, there is no need for censorship.

        But what is this about? The fact the hard left (which is trying to enforce their beliefs of “tolerance” on everyone) hates Manga. I think they probably hate Japan too. Seriously, what don’t they hate.

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        Manga seems to be doing very, very well in the west, so his fears, at least from my POV, seem ill-founded, and almost hysterical.

        What do manga readers care what Google and Apple approve or disapprove of? They aren’t the gatekeepers, we don’t look to them to tell us what to do or not do, what to read or not read.

        This video offers a bit of a different take towards the end; the Japanese will stand up to such censorship, Kadokawa is only one company, and if they fail as a business then someone else will come along and take their place.


        >Takeshi Natsuno
        >World Economic Forum

        And that right there is your fucking problem.

        The WEF is an arm of the globalist UN, and they’ve been campaigning to censor manga and anime for years now. Admittedly, to no avail, but they don’t give up. So of course they managed to sneak in one of their own at the very top of the manga industry. That’s how Fabian Socialists work. They’re probably fucking seething that there is at least one medium left that goes unchecked without their regulation and approval, and they can’t really afford to ignore it going global.

        My prediction? Yeah, anime fans are going to kick back hard against this, especially the die-hard otaku in Japan: It’s practically their life-blood and the only thing that gives young men over there any sort of satisfaction in life. They’ll successfully push back against this and win the battle short-term. But I think in the long-run we won’t win the war. Whenever globalists lose, they don’t just shrug and say, “Oh, well. I guess we just have to respect how strongly the other side feels about this.” They’ll go back to the drawing board and think of ways to try again. Eventually they’ll probably just buy up the remaining 65% of the industry so they can sanitize all of it. Because fuck you, that’s why.

        Man, do they want to spark an “incel uprising” or something? Manga/anime is really the only outlet young men have left in regards to exploring themes of masculinity, sex and violence. Take that away from them, you’re gonna make war criminals out of them.


        …claimed that manga was too risqué for global appeal and that he was open to exploring imposing “new standards” that would bring, in one swoop, roughly 45% of Japan’s manga industry in line with Apple and Google’s capricious content standards that currently control YouTube, Twitter, Facebook and Apple’s online platforms, such as Music and Podcasts.

        Wrong.  It is not too risque for global appeal.

        It is NOT woke enough for the alt-left overlords that are Apple/Google/Amazon, etc.

        These corporations think their is only ONE NWO culture (the toxic alt-left), and that anything they cannot personally control, they will censor and ban.


        Using a rating system, I don’t know if that would work.

        But using the past examples of having a us-cut and the original-cut is no long enough for these technocratic institutions.


        There was an update, the President of Kadokawa decided not to censor manga because of the pressure from Japan. Kadokawa apologized for the pro-censorship Manga comments. As a result, the President returns portion of the salary. Found on yellow flash2’s youtube channel. So no manga will be censored. It’s safe.


        I really hope the second coming of Christ is soon


        They probably want this because manga is outselling Western media atm and they’re terrified. I don’t think I’ve picked up anything new from Marvel or DC in five years since they started going woke. Even if I do pick up something I have to make VERY certain that it’s pre-2016!



          It’s hard to imagine it being far off. God has to be pissed at this point. I would have wiped us out decades ago.


          If not for the backlash from fans and most importantly the SHAREHOLDERS, this coward would have done just that, bend the knee to the woke twatter mob.


          As I predicted, Japanese otaku let loose a storm of a hellfire at the mere suggestion of their hobby being sanitized. And they’re completely right to, manga is distinctly of Japanese culture. It should not be changed within their own country just to meet a “global standard.” (i.e. western neoliberalism, which is just imposing itself on the rest of the world).

          Used to be the case that anime and manga were only changed outside of Japan. Overtime they were censored less and less because hardcore overseas fans just pirated the original Japanese version. Distributors realized there was more money to be made if they just left the media in question intact. But globalists think every country around the world needs to adopt their values and erase distinctions. They think it’ll create a conflict-free world if everyone just thinks the same.

          Most anime fans aren’t very political, which is fine, but I think they should know what exactly they’re dealing with. The World Economic Forum has said some… very strange things, as of late.


          Perfectly normal human beings, nothing to see here.


          This is the guy who thinks that “the world must never return to normal” after COVID-19:

          Screenshot_2020-12-02 🎄☃️ Gladstone-Chan 🇬🇧🇩🇰 ( GladstonianLib) Twitter(3)

          How on Earth does he manage to look and act straight up like a James Bond villain lmao wtf


          “We should genetically modify human beings to become allergic to meat to fight climate change.”

          Fuck off you freaking lunatics.


            This is the guy who thinks that “the world must never return to normal” after COVID-19:

            How on Earth does he manage to look and act straight up like a James Bond villain lmao wtf

            😂😂 He makes James Bond villains look like fluffy kittens 🐱 I was thinking something more on the lines of Satan’s right hand man 🤣🤣🤣🤣🤣🤣🤣🤣🤣

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