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    What manga or mangas are you reading currently? I am reading My Hero Academia and Black Clover currently. Both of these mangas revolve around protagonists who are underdogs in their own series. In both mangas, the villains are gaining the upper hand. My Hero Academia is in a war arc right now and the change in momentum on each side (heroes versus villains) make it interesting. In Black Clover, the villains and the heroes are fighting in different countries on a continent to save the world before the villains achieve their goal. I do not know what manga to relate My Hero Academia’s current arc, but Black Clover is going down the dark path of Berserk right now. Both mangas are highly recommended. In this forum, I want to know the current manga being reading, what your stance on the manga is right now (interested/not interested), and what is going on the manga right now (without giving away too many spoilers for those who have not read before). You can give minor spoilers but please no major spoilers of the current manga that you are reading.


    I haven’t been actively reading any manga lately. I was following Skip Beat and Chihayafuru, but whenever I catch up to where the English translation is currently at I stop. I usually wait for quite a few more volumes to get translated before I resume. The only problem with that is I forget where I left off haha.


    Hey noir24, I appreciate your reply. I have not heard of Skip Beat but I have heard of Chihayafuru. How are you enjoying the manga(s) so far? Would you recommend them to a friend or would you wait and see how the mangas continues to develop.


    I enjoy both of them.  Chihayafuru is really good with a good cast of characters. It almost plays out like a sports anime, but the story involves a Japanese competitive card game called karuta. There is 2 seasons of an anime adaptation so far and that is really good. I would recommend checking that out since it follows the manga very closely. Skip Beat had an anime adaptation a long time ago which was really entertaining, but it ends abruptly since it caught up to where the manga was at that time. I very much doubt it will ever get another season sadly.


    I appreciate your insight into these two mangas, noir24. I will check out Chihayafuru first and then Skip Beat afterwards. Who are your favorite characters in Chihayafuru and Skip Beat?


    I like the main character of both. Kyoko in Skip Beat and Chihaya in Chihayafuru. Though I think Taichi in Chihayafuru is the character I root for the most because he has such good character development as the story goes along.

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    The main characters of the mangas sound interesting. I will definitely try my best to see both of these mangas for myself. What other mangas do you enjoy?


    I haven’t really followed much other manga lately. Those were the two series I last read actually haha. Is there any particular genre of manga that you tend to follow? Most of the stuff I read is kinda slice of life stuff so I know that isn’t for everyone.


    I haven’t read Black Clover manga yet because I’m watching the anime adaptation. I read a lot of mangas but I’m focused into the To Aru series, One Punch Man and Goblin Slayer.


    Hello again Lord_Overlord_Sama, I highly recommend the Black Clover manga when you get the opportunity. I also created a forum in the anime section for the Black Clover anime if you want to check it out. I have heard of One Punch Man and a little bit about Goblin Slayer but have not read the mangas yet. Do you enjoy One Punch Man, Goblin Slayer, and To Aru series? What is going on in the mangas right now?


    I follow manga that follow the action and adventure genre. Examples may include Naruto, Black Clover, and One Piece. However, I am also trying to expand my horizons when it comes to manga because Black Clover is on break currently. So I am checking out other genres of manga until Black Clover returns next week. I appreciate the conversation that we had. If you have anymore questions about manga and anime then I answer them the best that I can.


    As of right now I’m reading Shibuya Goldfish I’ve read up to volume 4. Running a little behind on that one need to get to it. The other series I started reading is Murciélago reading volume 1 at the moment.


    Currently Reading:

    Promised Neverland  (haven’t read the ending yet)

    Noragami (getting really good and may get a 3rd season of the anime soon!)

    Boku no Hero Academia (caught up)

    Akatsuki No Yona (watched the anime first fell in love with it, been reading ever since)

    Demon Slayer (not caught up)


    Hello Stromboli_Samurai, thank you for your reply. I have not read Shibuya Goldfish or Mucielago but I hope that you are enjoying them. What are the mangas about? What going on in the manga currently (story arc wise)?


    Hello Cshortygo, thank you for your reply. I have read some of Boku no Hero Academia. I plan to check out Promised Neverland and Demon Slayer. However, I have not heard of Noragami and Akatsuki No Yona before. I hope that you are enjoying all of these mangas. What do you like about these mangas? What is the current story arc in each manga that you are reading currently?

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