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    Who has it??


    It’s ironic that I stumbled across this topic. I was looking at party games earlier today.

    I want to buy Mario Party but my wife and I tried it through GameFly. The game pacing was too slow. It seemed to take 45 min to go through a board. If there was a setting to speed things up somehow I’d but it tomorrow.


    I loved Mario Party as a kid and hope to bring it back with the Switch game releasing this year .


    No but that takes me back to the 1990s or whenever it first came out for N64. Which reminds me, imagine if NES had a silly 8-bit version of that game back in the 1980s. Well, I guess it would be kind of like Mario RPG which came out for SNES around 1994 and that was a cool game which included one of the first times Bowser and Mario were on the same team. Well, maybe not the first time since there was like Mario Golf and Mario Kart before that even.

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    I only ever played one Mario Party game on the GameCube and that was it. Can’t even remember which number it was.

    Hijacking this thread to promote Sonic Shuffle, which was made by the same developers only used it cards to move around the board. It was rough around the edges and the computer could be a cheating bastard, but it was definitely fun to play with friends:

    “Oh my God, we foiled Eggman’s stupid plot!”


    I (Santa) got MP Superstars for my son for Christmas and he loves the game. If anyone is interested in playing online I’m down.

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