Martial Arts Movies?

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      Any fans of the genre?

      I like a lot of them like The Raid movies, Chocolate (2008), and some more recent ones like Furie and The Night Comes for US. I like that the John Wick movies have incorporated some martial arts action too

      Anything martial arts themed is fun to me, like the Kung Fu Panda movies

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      To quote Cleetus …. “mah time to shine”

      Martial arts movies are awesome and from the 80’s? are just brilliant (including brilliantly AWFUL), whether main stream stuff like Blood sports and Kickboxer or the cheesy stuff that makes no sense. I mean come on, a Bruce Lee fan is TRAINED by the ghost of Bruce Lee to fight evil JCVD?!?!!? In what other universe could you get that other than the awesome 80’s.

      As for the modern stuff, the Raid really did open the door for younger people to see some kick ass action. I liked both Raid movies, brutally ace.

      Of course, the master is, and always will be, Bruce Lee, I bought Enter the Dragon anniversary edition a few weeks back and watch it with my son, that was some proper father son shit, he was jumping around like a ninja after watching that. Unfortunately for my son, I now tap him on the head whenever he’s not looking and say “Don’t concentrate on da finger or you’ll miss all that heavily glory”

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      Hero is really good. And IP Man 1 and 2 are great movies.

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      I’ll add the Ong Bak series, probably all Bruce Lee movies (even if they are cringy, watching Bruce Lee move is worth it), a few older Jet Li movies (like Hero), a couple by Jackie Chan (like Drunken Master), and very old movies by the Shaw Brothers (like 36th Chamber of the Shaolin) plus some Japanese samurai films from the 60s (like Yojimbo/Sanjuro — might be a stretch to categorize these as “martial arts”?), Kill Bill 1 & 2, and even Kung Fu Hustle (hilarious comedy).

      I’m not a John Wick fan, not particularly; and I hated Crouching Tiger, Hidden Dragon.

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        I like a lot of Donnie Yen movies, Kung Fu Jungle was an awesome movie ,imo.

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      I like the Bruce Lee films.

      Otherwise I don’t tent to watch this genre so I cannot say about other Martial Arts films.

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      Huge fan have a huge collection of films.

      I adored The Night Comes For Us recently.

      36th Chamber of Shaolin is on Amazon Prime. Highly recommended if you have not seen it. Sequel is pretty good too.


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        36th Chamber of Shaolin is a must. Bruce Lee, a no brainer… the Ip Man series (although they get progressively worse), for those who

        don’t have the martial arts bug, but like weird retro shit and sci fi, and Red Letter Media Best of the Worst:  then you gotta see FLASH FUTURE KUNG FU.

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          36th Chamber is a classic, Gordon Liu is great.

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      Karate Kid 1 and 2. Life changers for a lot of people in my age group.

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      Big fan of the genre, really loving the output of films from guys like Iko Uwais, Scott Adkins, and Michael Jai White. The Raid 2 is my favorite action film of all time, its an absolute masterwork.

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      anything with jackie chan, bruce lee , early steven seagal, michael jai white, tony jaa, scott adkins, jean claude van damme,jason statham

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