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    Hello everyone, I just signed up to G& and decided to post my first topic!  And what better topic to start with than a follow-up to arguably the greatest piece of Spider-Man content out there.  Now like many of you I’m very excited to dive back into this corner of the Spiderverse again, but I have some concerns about how this game was announced.

    I find it strange that Sony didn’t specify whether or not this is a spin-off game or an exclusive PS5 expansion DLC for Marvel’s Spider-Man on the next gen console.  For all we know this could have started out as a second expansion we could’ve received in late 2019 but pushed back a year to be released on PS5.  This is all nonsensical speculation and I hope it’s a spin-off.  Insomniac wouldn’t pull a stunt like this unless their publisher told them to.  But I believe the last thing Sony needs right now is bad PR especially with a “Naughty” sequel about to launch.

    Going with the idea that this is a spin-off and not a full-fledged sequel, how long and how much should this game be?  Given that Marvel’s Spider-Man takes about 20hrs to complete plus another 10-12 for the DLC (challenges included), I predict this game should be about 13-15hrs.  Based on that time frame I would pay about $40.00 min/$45.00 max.  For some that may be expensive (as a single guy I could swing it) but think of the good PR and corporate synergy this creates.  A spin-off game from one of Insomniac’s most successful titles launches on the next gen console for a price $15.00-$20.00 cheaper than other exclusives?  And it’s about a Marvel character everyone has fallen for since his animated movie?  X-box who?  Now let’s get to some of the fun stuff: speculating on the plot.

    Based solely on the trailer the game will take  place in the winter time, 6-7 months following the events of the City that Never Sleeps DLC at the earliest ( or it could be in real time but I believe the main sequels will be in real time).  Miles has been training with Peter learning how to web swing, discovering abilities his mentor doesn’t possess, fighting criminals and creating new Spider-Tech (or Web Ware).  Patrolling the streets are far safer with Wilson Fisk, the Sinister Six, the Maggia and Hammerhead out of the picture.  With this in mind Peter believes Miles is ready to start patrolling on his own and not a moment too soon.

    Mary Jane has been in Symkaria this entire time reporting on the destructive conflict and exposing war crimes.  Peter will receive word from an anonymous source that MJ is being targeted and leaves for Europe to help her.  This leaves Miles with the huge responsibility of protecting New York on his own for an undetermined period of time.  But Miles is confident he can handle it in these peaceful times, unaware he is about to experience the old “Parker Luck”.

    Suddenly an outbreak of criminal activity occurs, thugs armed with incredibly advanced technology.  Miles knows that none of these crooks are smart enough to whip up anything of this caliber on their own.  Someone is supplying them.  After beating down some of the thugs he learns of someone known as the Tinkerer selling advanced weapons on the black market.  Miles would continue his investigation as Spider-Man, but on the civilian side, he has another problem.

    Miles’ mom Rio is feeling down.  This will be their first Christmas without Jefferson.  But during this time of family gathering who should show up but Miles’ uncle Aaron.  Rio would beret Aaron for his untimely arrival and lack of one at his own brother’s funeral.  Miles however would welcome his uncle back remembering that his uncle was a cool dude.  Uncle Aaron would explain that he’s come back to New York for good and is setting down roots for a potential sweet gig.  Rio would be fully aware of her brother-in-laws criminal background and would not want Miles involved in anything he has planned.  Tensions abound, Aaron leaves peacefully and wishes his family a Happy Holidays.

    Aaron Davis would return to his place of business, a warehouse in either Harlem or Hell’s Kitchen.  There he reunites with his partner Phineas Mason, AKA the Tinkerer.  They go over their sales and distribution of repurposed Oscorp tech secretly provided to them by Mendel Stromm in exchange for a cut of the profits.  As much as Aaron doesn’t like dealing with the company responsible for his brother’s death, it doesn’t stop him from his goal of becoming the new Kingpin.  Phineas explains to Aaron that the new Spider-Man has been a problem in expanding their operations.  But Aaron assures him if this young blood continues to be a problem, he’ll deal with it personally.

    So what do you think folks about what I’ve thought of so far?  I would very much like to hear anyone else’s thoughts and what other Spider-Man characters you think should appear of should be the main villain (my votes Tinkerer and Prowler).  Thank you for reading my topic and if I may channel Jeremy’s energy, Solo lost money, Reylos are weird, F’ Naughty Dog, Spider-Man is awesome and I’ll catch you later!

    UPDATE 6/18/20: PlayStation.Blog recently did an interview with the creative director at Insomniac Games who shared small details about the Miles Morales game including a generic synopsis.  “It’s now wintertime, about a year after the events of the first game.  Marvel’s New York is covered in snow, and just before Christmas break, a war between an energy corporation and a high-tech criminal army has broken out.  Miles’s new home new home in Harlem is at the heart of the battle.”

    So it looks like my timeline of events was relatively close and Harlem does factor into the game after all.  And no doubt that “energy corporation” is Roxxon, a corrupt energy company that played a big part in Miles’s storyline in the now defunct Ultimate Universe.  Based on this information, it would not shock me if Oscorp is supplying a criminal element to commit corporate sabotage on their behave against Roxxon.  I’m still going with Tinkerer and the Prowler as the heads of this criminal element until new information is revealed.  What do you all think of this new information and what characters do you believe will pop up?  Comment below and have a good day.

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    Initially, I frowned at seeing this game at the launch. I’m not a Miles guy, never have been since he was introduced in Ultimates.

    I tolerated him in the first game, because I didn’t have to really “play” as him. I’ve been concerned that he would be too much of a factor in the second game, so after a moment of thought last night, I realized that him getting his own game is a great thing. I wanna be Peter, I wanna follow his adventures and face his rogue’s gallery.

    So Miles getting his own game is great. Miles fans can get their fix and enjoy an adventure with him without stealing Peter’s thunder in his game. Let the franchise go forward with Miles and Peter running separate stories, allowing for them to grow without leeching off or ruining the other guy’s adventure.


    So from what I saw this game is the original PS4 game redone to run on the new system and the Miles part is a giant expansion more or less Spiderman 1.5. So Spiderman 2 is still in the works

    If I am wrong someone let me know but pretty sure that’s what I read.


    Needles3409 we are currently getting conflicting reports between Publisher (Sony) and Developer (Insomnia) about what Marvel’s Spider-Man Miles Morales really is.  Now I’m more inclined to believe the Developer because they physically made the damn game but I say let’s wait a few days or until another event where this will be clarified.  Until then let’s not get worked up about the semantics of a product roughly half a year out and have some fun.


    Roas you make a very good point.  This spin-off games will be a great way of expanding and fleshing out the Miles character without stepping on Peter Parker’s toes.  Now I do believe the proper sequel will include Miles as a playable character with his own unique missions but it would be smaller in comparison to the shit Peter will have to deal with.

    Additionally I would like to know what it is about Miles you dislike.  You’re not alone, many people don’t like this character for a variety of reasons and I’d like to hear yours.  That’s what I like about the atmosphere of the G&G community, we can be honest with ourselves AND respect differing opinions.  Looking forward to hearing your thoughts.


    Well, at the time I was reading Ultimate Spider-Man, I felt it was a very good version of Peter Parker Spider-Man, considering at the time 616 Peter was getting all messed up with losing MJ and then the Superior Spider-Man run. I was getting my Spider-Man fix, and I was happy with it.

    Then they go and kill him off right when it looked like he was going to get into the Ultimate Avengers. For me at the time, it felt like it was all being done just to shoe horn Miles in as a brand new Spider-Man, disrespecting Peter all over again. I had no Spider-Man left to enjoy. I saw Miles, and to me it was just bland, boring, and stupid.

    I know Miles has a devoted fanbase, and everyone is free to enjoy him…just don’t disrespect Peter Parker to do it. At least with this videogame franchise, everyone is getting their proper chance to be something. Miles can have his spotlight, and Peter his. I see no reason why everyone cannot have their cake and eat it too.

    Now, you are probably right that Miles will appear in Spider-Man 2, and I would not be surprised if Peter gets a cameo in Miles’ game. But by my logic, the fact that Miles is getting his own game, this means at best you’d have to just do one mission as him in Spider-Man 2, and then probably he is an AI ally during some fights like Silver Sable was in the DLC. I’m okay with that.


    I just saw a report that confirms Miles’ game is a full game all his own. Well, the Insomniac side that is.

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    Thanks for sharing your personal thoughts on Miles and your opinion on how he should be handled in the proper sequel.  Personally, I think if Miles becomes the new Spider-Man officially it should be because Peter chooses to start a family with MJ after the third game in the Parker trilogy.  Kind of like how Peter passed the torch to Ben Reilly except it makes more sense.   Then we get a Miles trilogy (or maybe the spin-off is the start of a smaller scale trilogy) and finally Miles trains May “May Day” Parker (Spider-Girl).  The legacy continues into the future with Miguel O’Hara, Spider-Man 2099.  I don’t know, this can go in so many different directions.  What other Spider themed heroes you think deserve their own game?


    Your proposed timeline is acceptable because not only does it make sense and is logical, but it is respecting the lore.

    That’s all I ever ask for is respect for lore and logic.

    Unfortunately, we are living in crazy times where those things are ignored alot.


    I am so glad Spider-Man: Miles Morales is a spinoff and isn’t just replacing Peter. Miles was great in the first game I can’t wait for this! I just hope this doesn’t mean Spider-Man 2 is delayed, I am hoping it releases in 2021.


      Not a fan of them race swapping Spider-Man. Give me a Static Shock or Black Panther game… But stop race and gender swapping superheros…


      Well the game and story is in its early years. We’ll  have to wait and se right? Also, we don’t want to push too many out of meaning spin-off. Not that it wouldn’t work but i think that sometimes less is more. Batman Arkham had its story and ended. Now the rumors of games are for prequel eras. Metal gear finished its run(as best they could) in Phantom Pain. So they can continue expanding the universe as long as it doesn’t feel too bulked at the end.



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