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    Back to the Milky Way we go!!!!

    I can’t freaking wait. ME Legendary Edition will only make me want this more.


    I’ve never played Mass Effect before but this seems like a great way to try it out


    Oh, my friend.

    Get the Legendary Edition. It will have everything for the original trilogy, and you will have a blast.

    For years until 2016 I snubbed ME as crap, even though I had partially placed ME 1 on my PC once, but back then it hadn’t caught hold. And then I got the trilogy on sale for my PS3 for $4.99, and it started a love affair with a game that has not stopped.


    Mass effect is amazing.

    The universe of ME, in some ways, is more immerse and has more lore than the Star Wars or Star Trek universes. For me is more complete and detailed.

    We deserve all the titles remastered and a new proper continuation.

    The trailer is amazing, but seeing EA at the end kinda scares me.


      I’ll get the remaster of the trilogy because I know 1 and 2 are amazing and 3 is good. Otherwise, I’m done with Bioware.
      They’ve went to trash in every aspect of game and story design and threw themselves over the woke cliff.


      Pretty much what I was thinking. I didn’t quite want to ruin on anyone’s parade but the old team that made BioWare games great are mostly gone now.

      Not really anticpating much from this. I’ll be surprised if it somehow turns out good.


      Well, I”l take the hit to see if it’s worth anyone else’s time. BW is totally not what it once was, but I’m still willing to give a new ME game a hopeful chance. I love ME too much not to go for it.

      So much shit is off the wall crazy right now, I cannot allow myself to go black pill willy nilly. I have to save my cynicism for the real thing.

      I’m saving my worry for DA: Rise of the Dread Wolf. That had red flags of woke early on in development, so if I’m gonna be a downer, I’ll be a downer for that.


        I dont need you to tell me whats worth my time but I do hope you enjoy it.

        Here’s the Bioware since 2009
        Dragon Age: Origins – One of the most brilliant games ever made.
        Dragon Age 2: Really good, given it’s time and limitations but far inferior to Origins
        Mass Effect 2: Great game but also the beginning of the casualizing the formula ME2 is a great story driven game. It’s not an RPG.
        Mass Effect 3: A step down from 2 in, pretty much, every way. The story wasnt the only problem. Also, the first subtle signs of wokeness started appearing.
        Dragon Age: Inquisition: Complete trash that was more interested in mainstream trends than being a good game.
        Mass Effect Andromeda: Complete dogshit, in every aspect.
        Anthem: It’s Anthem

        Basically, There last great game was ELEVEN years ago and there last acceptable game was 2012,  It’s been a steady decline since.
        I’ll just stick to the B-tier games that do Bioware games better than current Bioware.
        Greedfall, Outer Worlds and Pillars of Eternity are just 3 examples of smaller budget titles that are better than anything Bioware has done since 2010.
        I’m not wasting my time with brand loyalty, especially when the people that made the brand special jumped ship years ago.


          Also, nice profile pic. Kill La Kill is the best anime ever made.


          I disagree with about 85% of your descriptions for various reasons, but to each his own. I’m not gonna debate any of that.

          I didn’t start this thread to bitch/debate about when or how woke BW became. There are already other threads for that.

          All I will say is that if something is woke, I’ll always call it out, but I refuse to go back in time before woke even started and try and parse what might have been woke precursor and what might have not.


          I feel like they thought they could expand on what was already good and loved (sounds like star wars). Then they crashed and burn (like star wars). Now, they are crawling back to the fandom (… sounds familiar) in hopes to appease them with what they believe will be just “member berries”, when really all we want is a damn good story, regardless of who the characters are. I’m… cautiously… optimistic

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