Mass Effect talked about indoctrination and look where we are now?

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    I just remembered something very interesting, years ago back in the 2010s I was playing Mass Effect obsessively and spent a shit ton of time as Commander Shepard just fighting Reapers and trying to save the universe in the Mass Effect Trilogy.

    As I played through the Mass Effect games years ago, I was seeing characters throughout the Mass Effect games getting indoctrinated by the Reapers then turning into Husks and my characters and his allies were trying to convince people in the Mass Effect universe that the Reapers were real but people in the Mass Effect universe kept not listening to my Commander Shepard even when he had good logical evidence put infront of them?

    Now years later, I look at my real life where I try to present to my family evidence about the tyranny going on in our lives by the woke morons running everything and my whole family screams and shouts at me like….people who got indoctrinated in the Mass Effect games by the Reapers.

    I like Commander Shepard in Mass Effect keep being told by my family and community that everything I say are just rumours and not fact even if I have logical evidence to show them.

    Life either imitated art or Mass Effect predicted my future.

    So does that mean I get a hot love female interest now like either Miranda Lawson or Mass Effect 3 Ashley Williams like in Mass Effect now? I am just saying.



    That is just one of may predictors.  You could easily go back as far as something as obvious as “1984” or as far back as the Bible depending on how you look at it.

    You can even say McCarthy was correct and that communists WERE infiltrating the media.

    The interesting thing is, as long as we have all seen this coming.  It still happened.

    The trick now is to turn it around.  Something always comes after so lets make the present the after of the lefts domination.

Viewing 2 posts - 1 through 2 (of 2 total)
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