Mass Shootings – 2021

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    See I didnt need to know the name. Its just part of the scorecard mentality of most of these people.

    Rather hear the names of the victims to honor them.

    Correct.  Not giving theses perverts their moments of fame is one way to do it.

    Or hearing their excuse “In retaliation of..”, or “because of…”, or “I am a victim of…”…



    Criminals, and those with criminal intent will AWAYS have ways of getting the weapons they require.


    Little more chime-in.
    I have carried for 32 years, 8 of those in Califuckedupornia, I have been a firearms instructor. To my knowledge including myself none of those I have trained hundreds of people have ever had to use their weapon.

    The odds of you being killed in a “mass-shooting” are less than being struck by lightning. You take out for (Police involved activity prior to the shooting  starting, Domestic, Gang and Workplace) 243 deaths by lighting.

    Mass shooting non-above exemptions 2020 = 0
    Mass shooting non-above exemptions 2019 = 67

    ODDS the media and politicians will blow it out of proportion 100%


    I really hate the use of “mass shooting”. It’s exaggerated and it’s made to sound bigger than it actually is. Besides, it happens every year and in the most liberal areas. The mainstream media is just fear-mongering like they are with that stupid ass coronavirus.


    So the media fears mongers (nothing new there).

    As of Dec. 31, the city recorded 774 murders in 2020, an increase of more than 50% from the 506 murders in 2019, according to a database maintained by the Chicago Sun-Times. The uptick was felt across the city, as 20 of the CPD’s 22 police districts recorded more murders in 2020 than the year before. The number of overall shooting incidents skyrocketed, too, rising from 2,120 in 2019 to 3,237 as of Dec. 27, 2020.

    774 murders!

    3,237 shootings!

    And that is just ONE US City!

    Why is the media not talking about those?

    Oh yay.  It does not fit their narrative/agenda.


    The media refuses to cover Chiraq as they have all of the Unconstitutuional laws the DNC demands and the gangbangers all have more firepower than the cops do.


    Guys dont worry…. this shooting will soon be silenced wrong name and now that Hiden Biden wont let the news in the Border, they are a little upset with him so Narrative will now be altered by another drone strike…. Possibly on Bidens newest enemy pictured below, or Iran


    Gropin Joe is so scared of his own reality he may launch a fullscale invasion of Iran to sooth his ego.


    @MrDragonbane that’s if he can remember where Iran is. He might invade Italy by mistake.


    @Mustangride1 I have access to that same map on



    I think i got it off one of the CCP sites most current I could find. Heck the only reason for me to have my Enhanced anymore would be to save 5 minutes on the background check. Yes Yes people who are screaming WE MUST HAVE BACKGROUND CHECK…. I do not need to have one, I walk in show my permit buy the gun and walk out :) And that is how it should be without a permit… SHALL NOT BE INFRINGED.



    @Mustangride1 I need one of those. Strangest thing is I always have to wait the full waiting period. Nothing comes back on it, but it they put a delay on it so I have to wait the full wait period. I’ve seen others in the same store get there gun and walk out in a few minutes on there background checks.



    What state you in?




    Yet another event they will use to press their agenda. Gun’s aren’t the problem. People are the problem.

    Why does no one ever bring up population control? We have over 7.674 billion people on earth now. I see nothing positive in that number frankly.

    They want to keep restricting us, pass more laws continually, yet never think about what this huge population does to the human psyche. You keep restricting human kind, but it just makes matters worse because we have so many people. People are meant to live for the most part FREE and not scolded and restricted all day long. Not stuck in cubicles all day long only to go home to yet another cubicle they live in.

    People= Problems. Less People = Less problems. That is my opinion. You wouldn’t have as many mass shootings, or other things, if the population was cut in half. Wouldn’t need as much fuel, food, product manufacturing, etc. I realize to many this sounds odd, but it is a discussion people need to have. It is something I think is serious.

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