Mass Shootings – 2021

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    it’s disgusting what the mainstream media and twitter blue checks do in this situations, political bs just to fit their agenda. So many people blaming white people for this recent shooting and then when they realize the shooter was a muslim trump hater they delete tweets and stop covering this shooting moving to anti-guns narrative.

    what a fuckin disgrace.


    @Mustangride1 Oklahoma. Just outside of Tulsa.


    “Why does no one ever bring up population control? We have over 7.674 billion people on earth now. I see nothing positive in that number frankly…People= Problems. Less People = Less problems. That is my opinion. You wouldn’t have as many mass shootings, or other things, if the population was cut in half. Wouldn’t need as much fuel, food, product manufacturing, etc. I realize to many this sounds odd, but it is a discussion people need to have. It is something I think is serious.”

    According to the internet human population on the earth was less than 3 billion in 1939. Adolf Hitler, and his allies, then went on a 75 million mass shooting spree. Type “population of earth 1939” in your favorite search engine.

    The problem with this particular shooting we are talking about is a man who took a religion and used his perverse understanding of it as a justification for murder. China tried population control and in 2015 they saw their own extinction if they didn’t reverse it so they reversed that law.

    Info on China’s forced population control shows why it was and still is a bad idea for any nation to try:

    The one-child policy produced consequences beyond the goal of reducing population growth. Most notably, the country’s overall sex ratio became skewed toward males—roughly between 3 and 4 percent more males than females. Traditionally, male children (especially firstborn) have been preferred—particularly in rural areas—as sons inherit the family name and property and are responsible for the care of elderly parents. When most families were restricted to one child, having a girl became highly undesirable, resulting in a rise in abortions of female fetuses … increases in the number of female children who were placed in orphanages or were abandoned, and even infanticide of baby girls. (An offshoot of the preference for male children was that tens of thousands of Chinese girls were adopted by families in the United States and other countries.) Over time, the gap widened between the number of males and females and, as those children came of age, it led to a situation in which there were fewer females available for marriage.”(


    @darthhawk Correct. In 1938 there were 3 billon. Now there are over 7.6 billion. In 1900 there were fewer than 2 billion people. Which means it took us thousands of years to get to 2 billion, but only 120 years to get 5.6 billion more. Again, my point. it needs to be controlled somehow. When is enough, enough? When do we start facing the population problem and what is does to the human psyche? How is 7.6 billion people good…for anything? I don’t think it is.

    These places such as China that tried a form of population control also did it under communist rule, and clearly did it wrong. China got really stupid about it with the sex preference as well, and that was partly a cultural thing in the first place.

    Give incentives to people who do not have kids, and people who want to get “fixed”. Give tax write off’s for it. Make people who have kids pay for all the stuff involving kids, and stop making people who don’t have kids pay for schooling and other things related to kids. I don’t have kids, nor will I ever by choice, and I fail to see why I have to pay taxes on public schooling and other things related to kids. You might see people thinking a lot harder before hatching out 4 kids, because they would have to pay more for things, like they should imo.

    The guys reason for this shooting is frankly irrelevant. He was clearly mentally unstable. We have a mental health issue, and imo it is partly because of the problems we have DUE to over-population and all the issues that brings with it. People living like rats in cages all day, paying taxes all day, being told what they can and can’t do all day. Living and working to support the corporations running everything, not living and working to support yourself frankly. This is not how humans were meant to live. That’s why prescription drugs are WAY up, which is just a form of sedation to deal with this nonsense we have to live in now days and the population everywhere. I know because I work in Pharmacy. It’s just like you see in books like Brave New World, or movies like THX-1138. Throw drugs at people to sedate them so they can “cope” (and then we have mass shootings like this because people can’t cope) instead of actually fixing the problems that caused it all in the first place.


    Sorry my friend Oklahoma does not have any.

    BTW Rogers Arkansas here.



    @Mustangride1 I was born in Springdale. Small world.


    This isnt a large population issue.

    This CO shooting is a Religion of Pieces issue. The one in GA was a mental case issue.


    The brother came out to say the Boulder shooter has “mental issues”.

    Like that excuses all the legislation and background checks and all still FAILED.


    You can have all the laws in the world @Legatus_Legionis, criminals dont care about them and will find a way to get a weapon.  Hell I can still get the Anarchist Cookbook online easily. If i wanted a gun i can buy one on the street in less than an hour. My Truck can kill as many as a gun.

    Anyone who kills someone else OBVIOUSLY has a mental illness (excluding of course PD and Armed Service) they have to at times, but you will never get the hate out of the world or the murders, Hell the oldest crime is Murder if you believe in the bible.



    Something that might slow down these mass shootings is nation wide Constitutional Carry with nation wide fire arm education. When they have to worry about there targets shooting back they might be less likely to actually attempt a mass shooting. Not saying everyone has to be armed, but when given the choice and education I’m sure a good part of the population would be carrying.


    About 6% (17,251,354 )last i checked in the US have a conceal carry permit, it has gone down from 12% 5 years ago with more states going Constitutional Carry, as its impossible to track people when the civil liberty is restored and they no longer have to pay a tax to have what is a Liberty.

    My guess is the number of people who carry a gun currently is near 17% of the population (56,100,000)with and without permit. It is no stretch to think as more states go CC more people will and you might get to 22% maybe 27% (89,100,000). Now people who have them in the house is A LOT HIGHER.

    As to getting trained, I am a firm believer in it, if you have a gun you should learn how to use it, when to use it and the laws about use of deadly force. But States need to make a law that if the PD/DA affirms you were justified in force then no civil suits can be filed.


    As to getting trained, I am a firm believer in it, if you have a gun you should learn how to use it, when to use it and the laws about use of deadly force. But States need to make a law that if the PD/DA affirms you were justified in force then no civil suits can be filed.

    That is one thing I don’t understand on the US legal system.

    How can one not be criminally not-guilty of a crime, yet guilty in a civil lawsuit?

    You are innocent and guilty at the same time?


    Because Judges do not have the BALL to say FUCK OFF your stupidity is no reason to sue someone….

    Person spills freshly ordered HOT COFFEE on their lap, Sue’s McDonlds….
    How about more recent GORILLA GLUE her hair, suing Gorilla Glue…
    I can go one, If you are a criminal and you come at me or someone else to do them harm and you get your ass shot, it is your action that caused that and the person you looked to harm should never be held liable for lawsuit.

    But again bad politicians and spineless judges.


    Are we suppose to not correlate Biden bombing Syria, and a Syrian man shooting up a grocery store?


    No more than we should Biden fell on the ramp and we should blame Trumps Karma Angel for doing it.

    Crazy is Crazy unless the guy comes out and says he did it for that reason or he was actually Syrian Military and was ordered to, im correlating evil sick twisted killer to his own actions.


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