Mass Shootings – 2021

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    We could just make murder illegal. It’s worked out so well for meth, heroin, mary jane, angel dust, speeding in a vehicle, texting n driving, jaywalking, that way we can all have our guns. There, problem solved. #voteforme


    At one time, they made talking and following nazism and communism illegal (after WWII), and yet morons are actively calling for it to be implemented in the west.


    OH, I also liked how Harris’ sister was calling our white racist once word of this active shooter made news.

    And if not for people screen capturing it (since she had since deleted it once if was revealed it was a Syrian shooter), no one would believe it.


    What racism from this woman.


    The single most racist gropu of people on the planet are DNC voters.

    They are too uneducated to comprehend basic history and think evryone else is the cause of their problems.


    The single most racist group of people on the planet are DNC voters.

    They did have to alter their definition of a racist to exclude them from it, afterall.

    Which, IMO, makes them even more racist.


    @Legatus_Legionis let’s they should not discriminate racists like that, my liberal friends in BC and Quebec are also pretty racist and should also be considered to be part of the single most racist group of people


    Now i would not go s far as a say any voting block is racist.

    I know many people who voted for DNC Candidates and they are far from racist. I disagree with them on the voting and when I ask them why its (Orange Man bad or People are entitled) now when you try to nail them down on the issue specifically they get mad and resort to the typical tactics (yelling, cussing, interupting etc) but not many go Race.

    The racial parts of the DNC are a minority, BUT LOAD AS HELL MINORITY. If social media would sack up and start removing people who call others names and threaten people, their jobs etc it would stop it. As someone who ran websites I had simple rules and the second anyone made it personal or started cussing at a member they got warned, second time I had a Troll killing weapon and used it. But because of lack of enforcement of civility we are where we are…. And yes the Media and Politicians have festered it along.

    But no i will never label an entire group as racist, I will label individuals as such and typically the ones yelling loudest about it need to look in the mirror.


    @Mustangride1 calling all of them racist is a bit tongue in cheek, although I see many of them declaring people who “wrong think” as Nazis, and they seem to mean it.



    I get called racist daily.
    I get called a nazi daily.

    I dont give a fuck who Im talking to; I generally hate everyone.
    Nazis are socialists; with guns. (Fascists.) That is the DNC not the rest of the country who just want to be left alone.


    I have a different perspective on people calling someone a Nazi. That perspective is they don’t have a damn clue what they are talking about. These kids and im talking teen to 30’s really don’t have a clue.

    I grew up around ww2 vets, and holocaust survivors, heck they use to come to our classes and talk to us, we even knew them personally and heard the first hand stories. I even know a and call a guy a friend that was born in 1931 Germany, Berchtesgaden and have his perspective which taking all them together is hard to explain, i keep swearing to write about them and my feelings but just never seem to be able to get it right.

    I was able to take the European battle tour in about 10 years ago, Normandy is Cemetery, is humbling, the other battle sites are ok but really just a place, the final place and one I almost wish all the free countries would send high-school kids to his the Holocaust Museum Auschwitz. There are no words for it, you have to experience it.

    I wish these kids today could have had the speakers in school we use to, they might not be so free to use the word Nazi or Racist.


    Nazi is the go-to term for someone who was a different opinion/wrong think.


    So it is always a race to see how quickly the toxic left can call someone a nazi or racist, hoping that will end the discussion of something they are losing/proven false.


    Now some media outlets, using a “doctored” image is;

    “Media Now Claims Shooter Was Factually Arab, But Morally White”

    They refuse to admit other races also commits such evil acts like mass shootings, bombings, genocides, etc.



    What dafaqu is that even suppose to mean smh


    Media Now Claims Shooter Was Factually Arab, But Morally White

    From what I’ve scene he was in an Islamic church, and would be offended by that quote.


    But the religion of peace cannot be mentioned in any act of violence.

    Beside, it was never mentioned he yelled out their war-cry that all extremists from that cult proclaim.


    The religion of pieces can go back to hell where they belong.

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