Matrix 4 and Captain Marvel 2 — pure woke trash coming

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    Matrix 4 — the latest rumor is that Trinity is actually Neo in some tranny twist.  Captain Marvel 2 — just hired a black female director who has directed 2 movies in the past and 1 of those 2 isnt even out yet.

    The reality is quality no longer matters.  It is full-blown leftist agenda and satanic agenda.  Boycott all of Hollywood.


    I dont give a fuk about captain marvel, never saw her movie, never will, and I laughed every time she showed up on avengers end game because it was really hilarious and cringy.

    But about Matrix, I really hope that isn’t true… I love the trilogy, I have the Blurays here, I love the whole story…  I think Matrix marked a huge change in cinematography, globally. Really hope they don’t mess it up, But I also know sjw’s dream is to fuck up everything that we, normal people, love.

    But it can be like it was with terminator, they added that stupid woke movie (dark fate or something) but honestly no one cared about that movie. In 20 years people won’t even count that movie in the terminator saga, the movie never happened.  It’s like Jordan in the Wizards, he officially played there, but we all know that didn’t really happened, Jordan is and will be a Bulls player, There’s only one John Connor, there’s only one Luke Skywalker, There’s only one Neo and there’s only one ghostbusters. lol


    To me, it doesn’t make sense that the first Matrix trilogy was about being trans.  My interpretation was that it was about the dangers of AI and robotics and what it means to be human. Basically that robots and AI can take over.

    Also, it was about the nature of reality.  For instance, if you play the game Grand Theft Auto V, you really start to wonder if the world is nothing but a computer simulation like the game.  It messes with your mind if you think about it long enough.

    But back to the Matrix, I think those two just went crazy in their personal lives and not their insanity is seeping out into their thought on movies.  I can very easily see how Matrix 4 will go trans.  What bothers me is that agenda in America to normalize this nonsense.  For all of recorded history, we believed a man is a man.  A woman is a woman.  Now, we suddenly don’t know?  I am not a bible thumper but I really do think it is a satanic agenda to spite God and his creation.  It is going to lead to a lot of problems too if society lets it get out of hand.

    How do you make a nation fall?  Destroy family.  How do you destroy family?  Via the LGBT, feminist, and trans movement.  How do you spread that agenda?  Via television, movies, and in schools.

    You are seeing this all today and only in the Western world.


    Hollywierd is going to go full speed with the SJW agenda as there profits dwindle because its all they know. Plus with all the BS going on they are going to go even more heavy handed on their WOKE preaching on how rotten this country is and how  “male members of a non brown race”  are the problem with everything.


    The SJW are so desperate to get their toxic message out, they will even re-write history like in the novel 1984.


    The Matrix had people thinking of many things about its meaning, but trans- was never one of them.

    One I thought was interesting was the whole concept of two “realities”, and how those whom believe in the Mandela Effect shows the parallels with our world.


    Well shit. At least we got Anime, Manga, Tokusatsu, Comicsgate, etc. since they’re way better than Hollywood. Like seriously.

    Why rely on Hollywood in providing us with good entertainment?

    Why waste our time with Hollywood if you should think trying other entertainment such as Anime, Manga, Tokusatsu, etc?



    I got a sense that it is a lot like the first one, but with a touch of Equilibrium or Soma in Brave New World, in that there are a lot of blue pills. That is nice flair. Some like the music, but I prefer actual instruments. Is this some kind of agreed upon trend of having some woman howling and screeching into your ears? DUNE did that too, and it is not pleasant. It almost sounds like REEEEEE: The Musical.


    Red vs. Blue: The Plot of The Matrix 4 Isn’t What It Seems – Trailer Breakdown
    Strap on your Ray-bans and leather jackets, because it’s finally time to reenter the Matrix. The first trailer for the long-awaited fourth film in the series, The Matrix Resurrections, is here. It’s got blue pills, red pills, and martial arts galore, but we have two questions above all else. First, how are Neo and Trinity still alive And second, what’s up with that rubber ducky?

    Let’s break down this new Matrix trailer footage and why it suggests the conflict between man and machine is taking a very different turn in 2021.


    Could we have a Matrix Resurrections discussion thread instead so people can locate it easier?


    Everyone would feel much less anguish if they realized Hollywood does NOT make entertainment, they make propaganda.

    They don’t create what you want to see, they make what they want you to see.


    Matrix was never said to be about being trans. The red pill-blue pill thing was later said to be a metaphor for the experience of understanding one is, and coming out, as such.


    I think the whole BIID came as a result the Wachowski Brothers deciding to get their penises removed and make their bodies into a female form.

    So they retro-actively wanted to alter the meaning of the films to reflect their BIID.

    It is another way of getting those simp/woke/sjw points.


    I disagree.

    Both of the directors turned out to be a transgender women and both agree there’s a degree of trans allegory in the movie, though more as a general “Desire for transformation” than something fully consciously and point by point connected to such.

    It’s not that they added it later, though it is possible, it’s simply the very thing people claim is perfectly okay : They cared more about the story than the preaching, and left their messages and allegories as an undertone and undercurrent. They created one good and two okay movies with themes that spoke to them but weren’t a blatant smack you in the face, therefore people accepted it, doubly so because back then no one was as sick and tired of woke pandering as we are today.

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