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    The jokes are great. “No Time to Care.” Az and Rippa said that it’s only white male characters that have the significance to replace as roles. One thing about this, is that I am a DUNE fan because Dune made it’s own characters with the whole Valkyrie and Amazon intention and the dope Rebecca Ferguson still slammed the story. If a person wants to make strong female characters, then by all means, do it and do it well and I thought DUNE did that with a lot of style. The problem with the gender swapping is that it comes off like communism or the Taliban. Has nothing to do with the character and only with deconstruction.

    Sisterhood of DUNE is coming out soon. If you are into female characters, there is a show called Motherland: Fort Salem, where almost every character is a warrior military witch. See? That is a well done show. It does not need to mess with James Bond or Indiana Jones. You would think they would just make another Laura Croft movie and leave Indiana Jones alone. Same thing with James Bond, as they could have made other Black Widow movies. Black Widow could have been a whole female assassin franchise. Same with Red Sparrow or La Femme Nikita. If they writers were really into female characters and female franchises, they would not have any need to destroy white male characters. I think it was Nerdrotic who says there is some kind of 4-D chess by the commies to ruin the actual fanbase and audiences of the western white male leading man characters.

    Biggest problem I have with gender swapping is that it neglects existing female character brands like: Laura Croft, Red Sparrow, La Femme Nikita, Black Widow, Red Sonja, Agent (Peggy) Carter, etc. There could be entire Extended Universes given to those females characters if the writers actually cared about women and were focused on powerful women. Look at how The Kingsmen Franchise popped up and did the whole spy thing away from James Bond. The only thing that makes sense is that they hate white men more than they like powerful women.






Viewing 15 posts - 301 through 315 (of 844 total)
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