Medical textbook strips gender dysphoria definition after being cited by Florida

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    Medical textbook strips gender dysphoria definition after being cited by Florida

    The world’s bestselling medical textbook removed the definition of gender dysphoria from its website after the Florida Department of Health cited it in recent guidance advising against gender transitions for children and adolescents, according to an email obtained by Fox News Digital.

    Remove a medical definition?  Why would they do that?

    The email from Melissa Adams, who is Merck Manuals’ director of marketing and brand awareness, also asked the Florida Department of Health to adjust their guidance based on the update in the manual…

    OH, so by removing “gender dyshoria” from the medical texts, they hope this condition no longer exists?

    “Gender dysphoria is characterized by a strong, persistent cross-gender identification associated with anxiety, depression, irritability, and often a wish to live as a gender different from the one associated with the sex assigned at birth,” according to the Merck Manual’s

    I still think Gender Dysphoria is happening.

    “We were in the process of updating our online chapter on that subject so I wanted to make sure you had the latest information,”…

    Latest POLICITAL/leftist motivated changing of words and definitions to progress their lunatic extremely toxic far alt-left agenda.

    “Some of the verbiage you reference in quotes has now been omitted as a result of the update which went live on our site at the end of April,”

    So what?  The definition of Gender Dysphoria is still the same, even if you attempt to remove people from seeing the definition from your manuals.

    Citing a “lack of conclusive evidence, and the potential for long-term, irreversible effects,” the Florida Department of Health advised against social transition, puberty blockers, hormones and surgery as treatment options for children and adolescents.

    Ladapo’s office told Fox News Digital that they are not planning on changing their guidance at this time.

    And with so many later wanting to undo the damage such transitioning has done… something the lame legacy media WON’T report on, as it goes against their agenda.

    It is nice to see there are people/politicians out there that are ACTUALLY protecting children.


    “It is nice to see there are people/politicians out there that are ACTUALLY protecting children.”

    They’re not though. They’re politicizing an illness. Both on the left and the right.

    There are known biomarkers for legitimate gender dysphoria (in males, not in females). You can do a simple immunoassay to confirm gender dysphoria and discern from other causes of gender misalignment disorder: like behavioral or hormonal issue. 80-90% of “transgender” kids grow out of it by puberty. Kids with hormonal imbalances are not helped by gender transition.

    The number of people with actual medical gender misalignment is minimal, but they do exist, and they do need access to unbiased, unpoliticized treatment.

    The Florida Department of Health is completely nuts when indiscriminately advising against transition treatment. It’s just as wrong as blindly transitioning everyone.
    Medicine is always individual and must be adminisered based on thorough testing and the best evidence.
    Not on the whims of politicians, activists, fundamentalists or lunatic teachers.


    Using an ill group of people by celebrating their sickness so it can be a political wedge issue is diabolical.


    Most Gender Dysphoria is caused by indoctrination. That is my opinion of the majority of it.

    It was never really a thing until recently, as are some other “medical” things. If it really was so serious of an “illness”, it would have been so long ago and known to the majority of society.


    One thing I notice about the insane gender stuff is that it appears (this is anecdotal) to affect women most.  It’s as if there is an attack on womanhood directly from every direction.


    They lost me at “Assigned at Birth”


    There is no “Assigning” you either have a tally-whacker or you do not.


    All this stuff is just crazy and i mean in a way they use to throw people in the looney bin for, and need to start again.


    Normalizing mental illness is a recipe for disaster.

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