Meet Bevelyn Beatty Our HERO! #OperationPaintDrop

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    We are going to take this country back folks!  Trump 2020!

    Meet Bevelyn Beatty the woman who stood up to the mob!  She is out here doing the things most of us are just thinking about doing.  She is putting in the work!

    Please support her You Tube channel!

    She is speaking the truth!  Black Lives Matters don’t care about black lives.  As the bodies of children grows by the day and where is BLM?  No where to be found on the unspeakable deaths of everyone who had to pay the ultimate price.

    There is so much that could be said.  Right now I will just leave it at this video.  We all know what is going on, we are seeing it daily.

    We watch as these scum tear down statues of the Virgin Mary, Jesus and other statues that have nothing to do with anything BLM Reeeeeee about.  The next phase is coming folks.  I hope you are ready.  Your time to prepare is about over.

    We are going to take our country back! By any means necessary!!! #JesusMatters #RiseUp #OperationPaintDrop


    Can you imagine if this was a white man or woman who did this?  It would be 24/7 news coverage of this.

    Thankfully we have common sense on our side.  She stepped up as she knew it was her place to do so.  While I support this message I am not stupid enough to try something like this in public.  Me being white and saying this out in public would end my life as I know it right now.  I am very thankful that black folks are stepping up and speaking out!  Speaking out against BLM is not my place.  I will support and fight by their side, but that is as far as it goes for me.

    Far to many white liberals are already trying to speak for black people.  I am not like that.  They can speak and act for themselves.  This is in part their fight.  I do have their backs however from the shadows.   As I don’t even have to spell it out for you folks here.  You know what would happen and how this is working.

    I hope to see more common sense black people stand up to these bullies and thugs.  We will stand behind you.  But my voice can’t be the voice on the loud speakers.  If I did it would only be used against our side.  Shameful as it is but we are in a very racist time frame right now that allow progressive assholes to be openly racist while claiming they are “anti-racist”.



    This is what happened 10 minutes into her stream about 20 minutes ago.  Wiped out for speaking the truth.


    Right in the middle of the stream that just started You Tube shut it down!  Oy Vey!

    It really is turning into 1984.  They had no right to remove this stream other than they didn’t like what this black woman had to say.  More silencing of women of colors voices when they do not line up with the current narrative.  It is very sickening.

    I was hoping Bitchute would be a good alternative to You Tube, turns out if you say a “naughty word” your comment now goes up for review.  They have invaded Bitchute now too.  WTF!

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