Meghan Markle for U.S. president?

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    Meghan Markle for U.S. president


    The duchess of Sussex may have her eye on the White House.

    Meghan Markle’s representatives have repeatedly denied that Prince Harry’s wife is interested in running for office, but a close friend says that isn’t the case, and says the duchess has taken pains to keep that path open.

    “One of the reasons she was so keen not to give up her American citizenship was so she had the option to go into politics,” the unnamed friend said, according to Vanity Fair . “I think if Meghan and Harry ever gave up their titles she would seriously consider running for president.”

    How ironic would that be?

    The Yankees went to war with the Brits to get their independence.  Later making up and become great friend and allies.

    And in a future election near you, we can have a couple from the British Royal Household/Family in the White House!


    American Revolution II: The Sequel You Didn’t Ask For


    If you think President Trump is unpopular in the UK, just wait and see what happens if that harpy gets elected. Me-Gain Markle is widely hated over here thanks to her character (or total lack of it) rather than just press smears.



    A minor TV celebrity like Trump wins the presidency and all these morons with an inflated sense of self-importance now think they stand a chance.


    Sorry bitch you had to renounce your American citizenship to marry the royal family.

    No one who has read and understands the Constitution will vote for your demented ass.




    Better be ready for the royal pre-nup to kick her to the curb too.


    This Gold Digger has made so many people on BOTH sides of the pond to dislike her… except for those in helli-weird.

    But like they say, never say never.


    So how would Biden gets canned for being incompetent, Kamala becomes president, and decides her VP to be…. Mehgan Markle!


    I am curious, with talk of the Biden/Harris extreme low poll numbers, and how the DNC might look at replacing them for the 2024 election, would this be a perfect time for getting Meghan (and Harry) into the WH?

    And how long would it take her to get a US citizenship again?  Easily in time for the nomination process and election campaign.


    The last I checked, if you’re a Royal, you can’t also become President unless you ditch the Royal title. Something I’m pretty 100% sure MeGain should be aware of if she’s done her research on the Royal family as much as she’s clamed she has. I’m also pretty sure MeGain doesn’t want to ditch the Royal title either!


    I’ve  also heard that US law forbids anyone holding a foreign royal title can’t run for federal office even if they are a citizen. This rule was introduced when Napoleon’s brother married an American woman and there was concern that their son would run for President and turn the US into part of the French Empire.

    Just how much research MeGain did on royalty is something I can’t quite tell. At times she claimed total ignorance about Harry but that claim seems dubious (just like a lot of what she says). I still suspect that she hoped that she would be so loved in the UK that the rules of succession would be changed so Harry would take the throne and she would be queen. Of course rules of royal succession aren’t changed like that, they are only changed to satisfy the whims of politicians who despise the UK anyway and would rather see us as part of the vile EU.


    I ask, as a non-US citizen, as the rules behind the things they do in the US is strange/illogical.

    Did not know about the Napoleon thing.

    As for Meghan being loved?  really?

    She was so surround in an echo chamber of how awesome she is, that reality was too much for her, IMO.

    I don’t like her as a person.

    I have never been interested in any of her work (charity or acting “adult pretender”, etc.)

    And I cringe each time her name/image is brought up (like so many of the narcissists in hell-i-weird).



    She’s not very well liked over here either. There was a outrage after she did that interview with Operah last year and people were calling for her and Harry’s titles to be stripped. She keeps making every event all about herself too. A recent example was at a Royal Veterans event back in November where she showed up in a flashy dress that would’ve been more appropriate at a red carpet event than a War Memorial. Once again, there was a lot of anger over that.




    How about someone who isn’t rich or well off? Has actually worked a 9-5 job and lived in a box called an apartment? How about a President who is actually….wait for it….one of the middle-class working folks who actually make the country run?

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