Metacritic Removed My Last of Us 2 Review

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    So I went back on Metacritic to look at the Ghost of Tsushima reviews. And only the critic reviews are available.. Apparently you have to wait 2 days after now? WTF.. And I noticed they removed my Last of Us Part 2 review…. I gave it a 0/10 because its trash. I have over 100 reviews on that site. And there going to remove my review while they keep up fake 10/10 reviews that are a sentence long by fake bots. Click on these and you will see its the only review by these accounts. Metacritic can eat dog shit and fuck off


    If they’d genuinely wanted to filter out fake reviews, they could implement account linking to the respective PlayStation, Nintendo, Microsoft, Steam, etc accounts, to allow only user accounts with the game and at least a couple of hours of play time to post reviews.

    Of course, that would also make it more difficult for shill accounts that are only there to artificially boost a game’s user scores with “positive” review bombs to do so, which is exactly why they implemented an artificial time restriction instead.

    This artificial time restriction is about silencing negative reactions until all of the early buyers (often more than 50% of AAA games’ total profit base) have already brought into a game, at which point many will defend even a rubbish game just to appease their buyer’s remorse.

Viewing 2 posts - 1 through 2 (of 2 total)
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