Mexican Destination Recommendations

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    I made this forum so you guys and myself can share parts of Mexico that you want to recommend.


    I would recommend

    -Beach Cities and Towns:

    Puerto Vallarta(Beach City)

    Sayulita(Beach Town)

    Buccerias(Beach City)

    A Super small Beach Town which is smaller than Sayulita

    -Non-Beach Cities:


    Aguascalienes(Mexican City/State)


    Villa Hidalgo(Town)


    San Juan de Lagos(Town)




    But my advice is to be careful because the theives, kidnappers, cartel, etc. So hide your stuff well in Mexico. Always keep the doors locked. I was robbed before in Mexico and it was mostly my fault for letting it happen, I should have known more about Mexico. But now, I’m more cautious than ever and will stay cautious.



    Oaxaca is a famous tourist spot for the pyramids and for silver. I liked the old pyramids, the museums and the churches. Did have a rough trip on Acapulco, which was interesting, as there is a poor part and a rich part. Mexico City tripped me out because there are parts where the pyramids are growing right up from the streets.



    Screenshot 2022-07-28 at 15-00-25 img-lrg-OAXACAMEXICO-2528308080 (JPEG Image 1084 × 509 pixels)

Viewing 4 posts - 1 through 4 (of 4 total)
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