Microsoft buys Bethesda for Xbox Game Pass

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    Microsoft has finally bought Bethesda. I wonder if it’ll be a good thing or a shotgun blast to Bethesda’s head? Aren’t they developing a Star Wars game for the “resurrected” LucasArts?


    I personally don’t give three squiggly shits.

    1) Being a picky gamer, I don’t care about all that Gamepass has to offer. Its library means nothing to me. I also believe in owning my games, not merely renting them for a service fee. To me this is just more fools gold to sucker people out of money. I get it that a year’s sub is a good deal to play all the games in that library, but one has to first want to play more than maybe two games, which is what basically the $120 year sub equals out to. If you don’t, then it’s a waste.

    2) I’ve played enough Elder Scrolls and tried my hand at Fallout. I frankly think both series are overrated. If I never play them again, I’ll be fine. As for the rest of the Bethesda library, meh, all overrated too.

    3) You couldn’t pay me to play a Disney Star Wars videogame, so again, I don’t care if they were hired to do one. Lesser children of greater sires attempting to craft artifacts far beyond their reach and understanding.

    So again, this means nothing to me. For anyone that likes this go have fun with it, but I find it boring and pointless in my gaming life.


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      It way passed time Microsoft decided to get competitive again.
      Maybe they can create enough competition to Sony to convince them to back up on their censorship nonsense.

      I also like how some people are acting surprised about exclusives.
      I was like, “no shit”.
      You’d have to be the dumbest of the dumb to think Microsoft paid 7.5 BILLION for a company just to share with their direct competition.
      That would be like WB putting The Snyder Cut on Netflix.

      “Exclusives are bad. wah wah wah”
      Normies dont give a mother fuck about hardware. Exclusives sell systems. It’s why, even though Gamepass is on of the best values ever, Sony is still kicking their ass.
      Exclusives create competition. Without the competition, one company eventually runs all the others out. When there’s only one option, they can push whatever nonsense they want and put as little effort into their output as they desire.
      Personally, I’d rather have Microsoft making moves to stay in the game than allow Sony to be allowed to dictate the content of all games.
      Hell, right now, Sony, kind of, already does that.
      Most games are being made with Sony’s censorship in mind because it’s the biggest platform, by far.
      I’m am all for a competitor coming in to change that.

      Little long of a rant but that pretty much sums up my thoughts on the while Microsoft buying Bethesda situation.


      It’s a great move by Microsoft.  Doom, Fallout, and Elder Scrolls are huge franchises, and having them on Game Pass is a massive boost to selling more Xboxes.


      Rumors about Starfield being Microsoft Exclusive.  :x  Hope it’s not true.

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