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    I would consider Gundam the Star Wars of Anime because they both have space magic although the Space Magic is different than each other. The Mobile Suits within Gundam are armed with Weapons similar to the Lightsaber.


    I enjoyed G Gundam, it was like Dragon Ball Z in mechs, plus I built the God Gundam MG kit back in 2002 long before I even saw the series, I didn’t have cable at the time so I never saw it’s run on toonami, but got the dvd’s when they were first released


    There is a YouTube uploader who gives a good case against Seed and Destiny and that it IS a poor man’s Mobile Suit Gundam show. Gundam Wing is where it started for me and looking at how each of the pilots and their personalities are, the only one who sucks is Wu Fei.  The way how he perceived weakness, you can look further during the Duel he and Heero has in Endless Waltz.  The logic and common sense that Heero possessed compared to the warped logic that Wu Fei has is almost incomparable.  G Gundam was pretty good, but in terms of the story and the fights, it was interesting. I know that some people would find it crazy that I went for this despite the price tag but…I think it’s worth it for me.




    Price tag is $280. Metal Fixed Composite. Snow White Prelude Wing Zero

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    Love Gundam yes even seed but I’m disappointment whit builders series Model Suit Gunpla Builders Beginning G was great but rest seem like wasted potential


    I see everyone here shilling Wing, but after watching 40 episodes it’s safe to say the political aspects, story and character decisions are really weird, messy and don’t make sense.

    Especially Heero and Trowa have some really weird dialogues and decisions. Also, everyone hypes that Heero is an excellent pilot and a killing machine but he takes constantly L’s and clowns himself through his own dumb decisions


    Likely because you have never really understood the whole thing. I would suggest the original but if you can’t even grasp that, then you are not really smart


    That Gundam is a favorite of my little brother. I actually got him a RG version of it.


    Please explain in that case. I enjoy Gundam Wing but it’s full of flaws.
    -The politics and some character decisions make me roll my eyes.

    -Trowa overlaps with Heero too much and doesn’t really bring much to the table

    -Same with Sandrock, it has a cool design but doesn’t bring anything combat-wise

    -The artstyle is pretty nice but the animation has aged really bad. (Insert Heavyarms stock footage meme)

    -The spamming of self detonation is becoming just hilariously stupid. It’s basically: fight —> Oh shit, I’m losing —> self detonate —> build your Gundam again in no-time

    -No mothership etc where the characters have a chance to interact and bond, the main characters just roam by themselves or in pairs doing whatever while the story follows other characters


    Also, nice try but I’ve already seen the original UC franchises (OG, Zeta CCA) and Unicorn, and I enjoyed them a lot (especially Zeta)



    44 episodes into Wing and Heero still has no proper backstory or motive. It feels like stuff just happens because reasons, but how is it possible that after 44 episodes we still don’t know much about the main characters, their backgrounds or motives. And Heero still hasn’t had an impressive performance in a fight, and he’s considered one of the strongest pilots in the franchise?

    I really like the setting and the idea of Wing but it feels like every character just makes weird decisions and after 44 episodes, not much has happened tbh.


    I spent most of the holidays in 2019  going through the original series (0079) after being re-introduced to Gundam by binging through Origin on Hulu. I really enjoyed going through 0079 and then taking five-ish days to go through Zeta (amazing!), and scratched the surface on ZZ. I do want to see ZZ in its entirety. I followed up with watching IBO on Netflix. I tried getting through Unicorn, but I wasn’t quite feeling it even through the animation is pretty.

    I’m currently going through Wing again. I had a surface level liking of Wing. (cool! pretty boys! music is awesome! my friends love it too!) In spite of the cheese, I do legit enjoy Wing.

    I’m also going through 00 at the same time as well. It’s pretty interesting by far.


    Z, 00 and IBO are my favorites. I wanted to like Wing but it’s just a messier and more bareboned version of 00 imo

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