MOD – Spider-Man add in US Flag you get BANNED

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    Spider-Man Mod Changed Modding In An Instant

    Bringing the webslinger to PC has opened up new vistas for fans, who have been able to dig into the game files and uncover secrets. It also created the opportunity to further mod the game.

    That is awesome.

    The story began with a Nexus Mods user creating a secondary account and uploading a mod that removed all of the (one of the in-game) flags in the game, replacing them with U.S. flags. The mod, which was viewed as being anti-LGBT+, drew the attention of Nexus Mods, which quickly responded by removing the mod and deleting the creators secondary and original accounts.

    So wanting to have the US Flags in the game instead of a different flag is BANNABLE?

    The site also told users that it would not stand for discriminatory mods of any kind.

    Except you will discriminate against those who stand behind the US national flag.  You can discriminate against them ALL DAY LONG!

    …explaining its decision and taking a stand for inclusivity in gaming.

    You can create a MOD to replace US flags with BLM, pride, etc, no problem, but to have a MOD that ADDS the US national flag is a disgrace?

    So you actively EXCLUDE those who have PRIDE for the American National Flag.

    How ANTI-inclusive of you!  You bigots!



      The real irony here is the cult of the left has used the LGBT group as a way to gather power.  This is not new, it seems to me that historically MANY groups have been infiltrated by the nefarious and will get control of that group and use it for their own gain.  And if we just look in the last few decades it happened with Christian right in the 90’s and now with the leftist tribes in the present. The group does not matter nor the reason for existence they will come for it and use it.  You could have a group named “We Love Puppies” but if it has the ability to turn influence into power and money it will be flipped within a matter years. And after they do if you say you love Kittens instead you will be ostracized from society.

      “If you want to know who rules over you, look at who you are not allowed to criticize.”


      Seems to work perfectly on a pirated copy….


        Iv’e seen this in articles pop up the past few days.

        The wording of “anti-LGBT” is purposefully used for the agenda at hand.

        If someone wants it changed to an American flag, it’s their business. It’s not some vast hate attempt. It is NOT discriminatory to have a mod change a freakin’ flag to be a USA flag. it’s simply changing the flag to be a different flag. It’s pretty simple.


        yes exactly

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