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    Since monster hunter rise is out, a ultimate/expansion version which includes a final rank for the games difficulty and new and returning monsters is something that possibly could happen however as we reach the second half of our time in the fifth generation of monster hunter, I wonder what’s in store for 6th gen.


    Predicting what could happen in this game sounds fun. Here is my predictions:

    * under water combat

    Under water combat was only available in two games,  monster hunter tri and 3ultimate. After that they never brought back this gameplay mechanic. Fighting underwater does sound fun, the amount of new monsters you get to fight underwater and some monsters having both land and water combat sounds intriguing however many players of these games have mixed opnions of this combat style. Some say they liked it while others said it was bad.

    Capcom have spoken in the past about trying to bring back underwater gameplay,  I kinda see them bringing it back. Now that they have more of a powerful hardware to input games on, they can succefully make this both enjoyable for players who liked the old underwater combat and those who didn’t.

    *New monsters- surprise surprise. New monsters! Yeah….not a surprise but if they allow under water gameplay they will bring in monsters that can be only found in water, they could also bring back alot of the old leviathans(which many of them had underwater combat). Also bring in new monsters for different existing species.

    *new species – they could possibly introduce a new species or 2 in this game but I doubt they will even make 2. Each species have 1 or more of a certain body type being the norm. I’m sure they could introduce atleast a new species.

    *returning monsters- I see them bringing in alot of returning monsters since they already have loads of hd assets.possibly have to remake old assets to bring the old monsters who didn’t have a change to star in world,iceborne,rise , its ultimate version.

    *new areas- I doubt they will want to bring back alot of older areas in its main series unless it is based on the story but I see them making brand new areas. They might have the basic at reasonable areas. Such as :

    *snowy area

    *desert area

    *forest area

    * volcano


    There could be just a few but those are normally the ones always added in games.

    They could also make unique areas that won’t be found anywhere but only that certain area. Just like rotten vale or coral Highlands.  These are unique areas based on look and lay of land.

    *the palamute- I’m sure they will bring this friendly doggo in. Many players love this so I’m sure they will bring this onto the next gen. Just like how they brought the idea of a feline companion from monster hunter freedom unite.

    This is all my current  predictions.

    Now what I’m afraid by is the fact that capcom is trying to go woke to appease the new age…..

    I can’t believe they want to do this. So if they follow this route I do expect to see plenty of armor redesigned, characters looking ugly and will have some weird politics invloved.  Maybe I’m sounding a bit paraniod but I’m not gonna be buying a product that will want to appease people who think maths is racist and think the most weirdest things . I hope capcom doesn’t take that woke approach.


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