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    So with the release of sunbreak and just its first update(days ago), I think a handful of players are speculating for the future of this monster hunter series.

    Monster Hunter 6 could come out next year. It is just a high speculation, I don’t expect them to release it the start of the year like how they did with world. I expect them to release it maybe Apirl-July. Once again, just a speculation.

    What the sixth game should have? Well I bethought about this for a while now and let me just say that the possibilities are endless but I think they won’t stray further away from world. Here is what I think we might receive:

    *5 new areas(like most monster hunter games now)

    *a new home base

    *a new training facility

    *one new arena

    *a few special arenas for some elder dragon fights and end game monster

    *around 30-45 large monsters.

    *new tools to help us in our hunt.

    I doubt the game will try to be super fast with its pace like Rise. The game will try to be more realistic like world. The monsters will act more animal like and will have much more sensors when it comes to sound, sight and tracking.  Speaking of monsters, I think many of them will be new, while many of the returning will be standing as if they haven’t appeared in many games.


Viewing 1 post (of 1 total)
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