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    Monster hunter stories 2 (a spin off series based on the original series ‘monster hunter’) is coming soon.

    It’s a turnbased game that also allows you to raise monsters from the main series.

    the monsters however look much cuter than their originals. You can ride some of them too.

    currently the demo is out but the full game gets released on 9th July 2021. Honestly this is perfect. To release it right after rise and have another monster hunter game on the switch.  That’s amazing.

    Nowe when this game comes out there will be 3 monster hunter tittles on the switch , the other 2 games are:

    *monster hunter generations ultimate

    *monster hunter rise

    Each have their own unique way of playing but overall this game looks good and seems like a fun game to play.

    Sure it may not be the most fast paced game out there but it still is something for new players and veteran monster hunter players to enjoy.


    I’m looking forward to playing it.


    Definitely looking forward to playing this game


    That game runs like crap on Switch only 30fps if was 60fps will be 10x better  of a  great game

Viewing 4 posts - 1 through 4 (of 4 total)
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