Morality cannot be subjective

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      Morality can of course be discussed and there can be disagreements but at it’s core it cannot be subjective. The moment it becomes subjective is the moment it ceases too exist. There is either a standard for human behavior or there isn’t. And right now, in this world, there isn’t.

      Without wrong there can be no right.


        My Morality is:
        do to others what you would have them do to you.

        I do not believe in telling others how to live their life, and do not believe they should tell me how to live mine. There are of course exceptions. If i see someone doing something that will harm “themself or others” it is the responsibility of all of us to try and warn them. If it will harm others, stop them, harm themselves, well Bubba moments teach.

        Now two examples:
        1. It is not my responsibility to tell people to get the Jab, not when it is proven beyond all doubt now that you can still get the coof after jab, it still will make you sick an yes even still kill you. The Morality is for each person to make-up their own mind as to getting it or not. It should not be a mandate or forced upon them as terms of employment or to go out. Not when the evidence shows It does not work.

        2. It is my responsibility if I see someone assaulting another to intervene with whatever force is needed to stop the attack. You protect your fellow man whenever possible. That is Moral, that is what is right and it is proven to save life.

        Throwing in a third Bonus example.
        I see a child walking to a light socket with a fork, I tell them NO its dangerous, take the fork away from them, I did the moral thing the ethical thing. Child an hour later is going to do it again, this time I let the child. Child get shocked an cries throws fit etc. I look at child an say:
        So Bubba, going to do that again?
        Child:Still crying and mad says no.

        I did the moral thing the first time, and the second as the child now will never do it again.


          “My Morality is:
          do to others what you would have them do to you.”

          I agree with that 100% and essentially this is something the Bible teaches. However I think our morality needs to be more specific than that as even that is subjective. As a society we need to all have and keep to the same social contract.

          I am not at all bashing your answer it’s a super complicated subject. It just seems to me most people for the last few hundred years in this country agreed on and right and wrong and now you have a section of the population that does not have the concept of wrong. And THAT’S the problem.


            What has changed is not Morality, it is responsibility for ones actions “which can be moral” but the second part is consequences for them. That is the part missing from morals now.

            Use to be you get in someones face, you got your ass knocked the fuck out for it. You stole from someone or a store you went to jail/prison, you burned or looted you were going to prison. You lied to people you were shamed out of office, fired or lost friends and credibility. Now none of it matters because people are allowed to get away with it.
            Just look at the glowing double standards in media or even social media. I hope it turns around, I really do. People need to be held accountable for their actions, because without accountability “consequences” there can be no society. At that point it is Anarchy.

            We are seeing that now with Coof and cities violating state law. Those Governors should have the Mayors an School officials arrested on the spot for breaking the law. If you do not like a law then file a suit to stop it, run for office to change it, but as long as it is law Follow it or be arrested.

            Your “Moral” end when the law says they do. Morals are personal choices, you can have them all you want, but you break a law, or offend the wrong person, you may well find your morals an you on your ass.


            In the current world where most no longer believe in evil (nor believe in the Devil – whose greatest trick is to make the world think it does not exists), where the joys of today and the me-me-me now-now-now.  Do what “feels” nice. Rules.

            Where morals, values, principles, etc. are frowned upon, and considered “outdated”.

            Where right is wrong, good is bad.


            It has been proven through history that when a civilization loses its moral compass, it is doomed to fail.

            The west has hit that point, IMO.

            All we are doing now is watching its slow death spiral, as those who want its destruction are doubling down and tripling down on doing just that.


            I have good idea, why if all used common sense and have morality be that we don’t do asshole things to each other, we try to get all sides of the story then make logical decisions that won’t take freedoms away from anyone unless they are truly bad people who abuse great power for their own selfish gain.

            Also live and let live on top of it all, this is what I think.



              Your entire argument is exactly what we have now…. The live and let live mentality is a major part of the problem. Combined with not taking freedoms away, I think you are not clear on Freedom/Rights versus  Civil Liberties either. And who is a truly “Bad Person” you say its a person who abuses their power for gain, well many people use “Power for Gain” that is called business and contacts, yet we see many say the Rich are evil and abuse power because they are Rich. Finally who is an “Asshole” this entire reply could by some be looked at as I am being an asshole, but to me it is the just being honest.

              Now let me break it down point by point.

              “Live in let live” That implies so long as it harms no one or offends no one it is permissible. That is actually the root of the phrase. We as a Society, need clear rules/laws, that apply to everyone equally. Currently that is not true anymore in the USA. There must be consequences for your actions and personal accountability for them. A Community without laws is no longer a community, it will as Legatus pointed out will fail, History proves this. Just as surely as an oppressive society will fall. There must be a balance and that is why the ideal of “Equal Justice Under the Law”was adapted. Worked well for over 200 years.


              Being an “Asshole” I Often get called that because I do not lie and am very blunt with my questions and answers. Truth sometimes hurts people feelings. My Nice filter broke 30 years ago when I learned a simple truth. If you are clear in your words so they and their meaning cannot be misinterpreted you will be far better off then someone who is vague or plays word games.


              One of my greatest honors was when a friend of my Grandfather, looked at me and said “Your Grandfather could make a man feel like a boy or a boy like a man with his words, you are just like him that way”


              So when people call me that it is because they have been butt-hurt by truth, and so long as I tell the truth, I sleep well at night. Now if I do something to someone that is just mean by some peoples definition, well it was again to get a message across with clarity. But again who is to define what being an asshole is?


              Logical decisions: There is no way in this world I would want people to judge me based on their idea of logic, I want to be judged on a clear set of laws that is black and white. Laws that clearly define what I am being accused of and why. Some right now are saying Logically its ok to steel up to 999.99 others saying it is ok to not pay rent. Naaaaa I want the clear law that says what you can and cannot do, and the penalty.



              Freedoms The vast majority of people do not today understand the difference between (Freedom, Rights and Civil Liberties).

              Without getting too deep into the legal definitions of them, in basic terms.

              Freedom is what it says, you are free to make choices, free to even move around without restriction (in many nations)

              A “Right” is what you have a right to do, however it can be taken away from you. Courts often hold the basic rights laid out in the “Bill of rights” in the USA. With a few others that evolved as time went on and some that were removed. Thus they are protected by legislation which can be removed.

              A “Civil Liberty” Is the most powerful of protections, It tells the Government what it cannot do! Civil liberties are constitutionally protected freedoms. It would require Both Houses of Congress, and The President to pass and then be ratified by 2/3rds of the States to become law to remove a liberty.

              So, you see The Liberties of the people (at least in the USA) Have multiple levels of protections for even the most evil of people.

              As I said above whom is to define who is the bad people that use “power for gain” I used my power in work to build successful business’s and to make it so I could retire comfortably earlier than most. I used tax codes to my favor. I point that out as right now government is trying to destroy Trump based on taxes, they did this to Capone as well. It is the Governments go to when they want someone as NO ONE ON THE PLANET can fully understand the entire code.

              Capone was without a bad man, but they could only get him on a very vague tax law.
              Trump like him or hate him is being targeted for political reasons.

              But some would and do say Trump is worse than the Devil or Capone. So you want those people judging him or you?

              Morality is subjective, it is based off your or your friends ideas of… Laws that are equal to all and protective to all is what is part of a Moral Society, But also consequences for your actions.


                Morality is subjective. It depends on the values of the society you were brought up in. If you were brought up with a barbaric tribe of cannibals, then eating people and making fetishes of their severed ears would perfectly moral to you.



                If it means anything Mustang, you’re not an asshole nor is anyone on this thread or even anyone on this website an asshole. When I talk about assholes I mainly refer to the blue check mark Putties (Another name for the NPCs that get offended by everything) on Twitter that get angry that there isn’t wokeness in comics, movies, TV shows and other forms of entertainment.

                Assholes that would accuse you of being a Bad Guy from World War 2 but they themselves have a history of being racism, homophobia, sexism, and just being bigoted in general. I don’t think anyone on this website (and God I hope there are none of these assholes here) is an asshole like I describe in my thing I wrote.

                These assholes are what I think of when I say assholes because these jerks are the ones that never try to see all angles of a situation unlike everyone on this thread and this website who have the ability to see things from all sides before making a decision.

                These blue check mark putties can’t let people live and let live and keep wanting to start fights instead of getting a life and letting others have lives that don’t impact there own lives.





                  Being different and being subjective is 2 different things. If you go to those places you describe the things you mention ARE NOT subjective they are concrete. The context of my original post was the society in the United States which right now has a very subjective morality within it. And there in lies the problem. We all need to know what the “social contract” states and we all have to follow it or there is no society and there is chaos and anarchy.


                  …we all have to follow it or there is no society and there is chaos and anarchy.

                  But that is exactly what criminals, gangs, blm and antifa want.

                  Chaos and Anarchy!  And lawlessness.

                  They have no moral’s about burning down their neighbour’s business, or killing a rival/terrorize their family.

                  They have no fear of legal ramifications/criminal charges, as the AG’s in those places allows it, as do the mayors and governors in those places.

                  They yell they are being “progressive”, when in fact they are “regressive”.




                    The only way to get “Morality” back in to our “community lives” is to elect representatives that will bring back the rule of law. That rule also means punishment including “capital”.

                    As Unpopular to peoples feelings, punishment is needed, and some crimes the death penalty is applicable, those being:
                    1. Murder (Any act that shows premeditation to commit a crime where murder was the intent or occurred as a result of the crime)
                    2. Rape
                    3. Kidnapping
                    4. Espionage

                    5. Treason
                    6. Terrorism (Any act that is designed or used to inflict terror on a person or person or to further or bring light to a cause) Gang Members can be charged as well as Activist or people Rioting etc.
                    7. Any number of offenses that will result of imprisonment of “Life in Prison”
                    8. Any cumulative offenses that would amount to more than (the life expectancy of a person set at 100 years)
                    9. 3r strike “felony” offender.
                    In simple for (7 & 8) There is no longer a “Life in Prison” sentence.

                    We do not need criminals in society, we sure do not need habitual offenders. I am long past the forgiving point for people who intentionally break laws. 1-8 should be a mandatory sentence to be carried out in 30 days (that 30 day period the case shall be reviewed to insure it was conducted properly and all evidence reviewed) If there was anything “exculpatory” excluded for any reason, an instant “Stay of Execution order” shall be issued, while the review panel exams the reason it was excluded.

                    If nothing is found during the 30 days the criminal shall be executed at Sunset of the 30th day. If a stay is issued once the reason has been investigated either a new trial shall be ordered or the Execution will be scheduled for within 7 days.

                    Other crimes shall be Reviewed the same way, Criminals one sentenced will be required to work during their sentence period with proceeds being used to cover their incarceration and to repay their victims which shall be ALL proceeds after cost of their incarceration.

                    That is how you START bringing back morals. But only a Start, we need to take back our Schools. Right now kids are moved along when they should be failed, they are allowed to stay in school when they are disruptive, We need to put Punishment back in school. We also need to remove teachers whos politics are clear. But most of all, We Need Parents to PARENT not be the friend of their kid an spoiling them rotten.


                      That’s a slippery slope. The reason the death penalty should be off the table is because you can never be 100% certain. Beyond reasonable doubt is just not good enough to kill someone.

                      Fear of punishment does not equal morals.  Have you been reading Gestapo or Stazi handbooks?


                        Awe Goodwins Law alive and well.

                        And yes 100% certain in many cases is possible. “Beyond reasonable doubt” is  a legal term, only, many cases there is no doubt, there may be a few exceptions but very few especially in Capital Cases. Fear of Punishment is 100% proven to keep people from breaking laws. Those whom still do it deserve punishment.  Capital Punishment has been around for as long as Mankind has had laws and punishment for violating them.

                        In my opinion, the execution of the most violent, viral an habitual of offenders is warranted and would prevent many other people from being victimize by these predators. It is also 100% proven if you kill a rapist, murder, pedophile, terrorist that they can NEVER harm another person. I have no problem knowing that kind of person is dead and will no longer be able to harm another.

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