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    Who are your favorite MK characters and why?

    I have been a Johnny Cage fan since the first game and will always play as him given the chance.


    Kitana.   Blue uniform.   Fans made with blades.  So awesome.   I played as Sonya a lot on the first MK.  Loved flipping guys over with my legs!!


    MK11 Cassie Cage because she’s a meme queen with a fat ass and really fun playstyle.

    Pre Mk11: Mileena and Noob Saibot

    My main in each game:
    Mk1: Scorpion
    Mk2: Mileena
    Mk3: Noob Saibot and Mileena
    Mk4: Never played it.
    MkDA: Nitara
    MKD: Noob-Smoke & Mileena
    MKA: Whoever. Most of them felt the same.
    MKvDC: Catwoman
    MK9 : Mileena & Jade
    MKX: Mileena & Jax
    MK11: Cassie Cage and, as of Kombat Pack 2, Mileena



    Jade is pretty kickass


    Jade’s usually my 3rd character in most of the games she’s in.
    She was my secondary in MK11 until Mileena dropped.


    The cyborg ninjas. Moreso Sektor and Cyrax then Smoke and Triborg. And between the two of them, I slightly favor Sektor.

    Perhaps it’s partially because my first MK was MK3 on the SNES, but Sektor and Cyrax are for me what Scorpion and Sub-Zero are for most MK fans. Too bad they haven’t gotten to do much in the new timeline. (New timeline seems to just love taking a steaming dump on the old guard.)


    Mk9 was nothing but “old guard”.
    MKX did focus to much on new characters but most of them were awesome and didnt disrespect the originals, just didnt use them much.
    MK11 was super focused on the “old guard” characters. It’s biggest issue was pointless retcons but those retcons didnt hurt the characters  (Kitana being able to defeat Shao Kahn 1V1 was pretty fuckin stupid, though.)

    Other than D-Vorah getting the most epic push since Roman Reigns, I’m not understanding your reasoning for that statement. Personally, I like D-Vorah so even that doesnt bother me.

    Honestly, though, it’s a fighting game. I dont give a rats ass about the story so maybe that’s why I dont see it.

    I was disappointed Cyrax and Sektor were never added into MK11 despite appearing in the story mode.



Viewing 8 posts - 1 through 8 (of 8 total)
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