Mortal Kombat Film makers Blocked Said Where is Johnny Cage lol FU

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    An entire character removed just for being white. Cage was never the main character, he was just one of many. An entire race driven out of industries by their own country. All of this is Marxism. Outsiders picking and choosing who gets what. It has nothing to do with merit whatsoever and, increasingly, you see this in admissions as well. I am even suspect of sports now. The public has been totally groomed for communism. Waiting for the powers that be to dole out roles and admissions and welfare and stimulus checks because the industries are in such few hands.


    they could even make Cage just like an asshole, like they did in the recent cartoon movie, that’s okay… but completely erase it just because he’s white lol so stupid, white guilt liberals are really demented pieces of shit, trying to destroy industries every day, just in search for that Mother of Dragons moment where the “slaves” lift them up in the air and they can feel like kings/queens after all the virtue signaling.

Viewing 3 posts - 1 through 3 (of 3 total)
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