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    This is going to seem mild but hear me out, I struggled with Prisoners. When skinny Wolverine kidnapped that lad and started torturing the him? and you weren’t sure if the boy was mentally unwell or didn’t know any better or was even involved? BUT then you think “what if it was my kid missing? I’d probably burn every fucker to the ground?” etc. Dark shit, I still don’t know if it was right.


    Call me a basic bro… but “The Exorcist” effs me up.


    Human Centipede



    A very good, well-done movie, but it creeped me out so much that I never want to see it again





    The Emoji Movie, obviously. On both counts.


    My missus won’t watch the Mothman Prophecies ever again LOL she was terrified. I thought it was awesome though


    Is no-one going to offer up A Siberian Film? I haven’t watched it because I read the content and thought ‘NOPE’ not for me. I’m pretty unflappable but when it’s kids? nope nope NOPE.


    The last jedi. Some of the worst scriptwriting ever put to film.


    It’s the first on my list above. If you do see it you certainly won’t forget it in a hurry especially the new born baby scene. Fortunately that scene is heavily cut in most versions available now.


    I missed that post, It’s that scene that got the movie thrown clean out of the window LOL fuck that.


    I was fortunate enough to watch that early in its run when a lot of people still thought it was real. I knew it wasn’t, but still had JUST enough doubt. I don’t know that it’s truly disturbing, but if you can go into it while not knowing that it’s a produced film, it can mess with you.


    Battlefield Earth


      Leaving Las Vegas.  It will make the happiest person suicidal.   I wish someone could burn that part of my brain that retains that movie.  Also the end of Mother! Had a graphic horror scene I wish I was warned about.



    Viewing 15 posts - 16 through 30 (of 33 total)
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